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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Indore MLA in Madhya Pradesh Assembly

Though RTI is in place, IT revolution is blowing with its full force ( our IT minister Kaiashji will testify this) but website of MP assembly ( ) is poor. On its daily proceedings it only lists who spoke and on what topic. What did he or she speak is not there i.e. transcript of speeches is not there so there is now way of knowing for a voter to know whether his MLA is raising questions pertaining to welfare of his/her assembly constituency in Bhopal or not and if yes then what exactly is he / she speaking.

One very sad part about all this is that MLAs from ruling party think that even raising issue of public importance or pointing to deficiency of government is some kind of anti party activity, so even after being low in membership almost 2/3 rd time in assembly is taken by congress MLAs some of their MLA speak almost on a daily basis on issues in their areas.

Most unfortunate is Indore, due to factionalism in BJP and vested interest of almost all our MLAs they almost never speak in assembly. A casual perusal of assembly proceedings made it abundantly clear and obviously this is never news in papers in Indore:
1. July 28 – sudarshan gupta spoke on death of people in flood and tulsi silawat on power cut .some 7 committee members were nominated by speker amounting to 88 members. But only 2 MLAs from indore i.e. Malini aur and Sudarshan Gupta found space in them
2. July 27 – act related to VAT amendment and entertainement tax were presented but no one spoke
3. July 24 – Sudarshan gupta spoke about hygiene in various parts of Indore and one member outside Indore i.e. Ajay singh spoke about atrocity on a Dalit famly in indore. Discussions were held on various bills including Boj open university but once again participation was lacking from Indore MLAs
4. July 23 – Kalpana Parulekar did raise issue of pension scam in Indore but she was silenced by impartial speaker saying inquiry is on (since last 3 years) and as matter is sub judice no question can be asked. Long live speaker. No one from indore spoke or took part in various discussions
5. July 22 – discussion on demands of sports, revenue, food and public distibutio, education and women welfare & forest. Malini Gaur took part in forest and women welfare debates. President of MP Olympic association Mahesh Joshi and president of various sports bodies in state are Ramesh mandola and Kailashji but they did not deem it fit to speak on demand of the ministry
6. July 21 – sudarshan gupta spoke on western ring road ( a huge real estate mess)
Discussion on demand of grants of higher education, tribal welfare, agriculture, co operatives minsiteries. Malini gaur took part in higher education
7. July 20 - demand of grants for home, culture, PWD. Surprisingly none of our esteemed MLAs spoke. All of them head one or other cultural organizations in city but it appears they do not want to share their expertise with other people in state. Law and order is a big concern for indore city but none of our MLAs showed any interest. Similarly roads , how to make where to make is a topic of daily debate in Indore but once again no one showed interest.
8. July 17 – congress MLAs of Indore raised issue of crime in Indore. Demand of grants for panchayati raj ministry, water resource and power. No one from Indore spoke. Kailashji did speak on one nongovernmental resolution of teachers to be employed only in teaching no other work. As one can surmise this was a rhetorical discussion with no substance or result.
9. July 16 – demand of housing, commercial tx, IT, industry, food processing, village industry but no one took part except Kailashji who is minister for many of them
10. July 15 – administration, local bodies and finance ministry and surprisingly none of our esteemd MLAs spoke while local bodies seems to be a favorite area of their concern if one goes by their daily interference in Indore IMC
11. July 14 – general discussion on budget. Malini gaur spoke. Members were elected for various house committees. Some 51 members and only two i.e. tulsiram silawat and Jitu jirati became members of two committee
12. July 13 – no one spoke
13. July 10 – Nil
14. July 9 – Sudarshan Gupta spoke about electric connection to slums. discussion on water crisis in state and none of MLAs from Indore spoke.
15. July 8 – ashwin joshi took part in adjournment motion on law and order
16. July 7 – no one spoke
17. July 6 – Nil

All this indicated that some of our MLAs like Mr Mahendra Hardia, Ramesh Mandola and Jitu Jirati are so shy of speaking in assembly that they did not even bother to represent interest of their voters or government. Ashwin Joshi and Tuli Silawat did speak on couple of occasions and so did Malini Gaur and Sudarshan Gupta but except Sudarshan Gupta no one actually raised issues pertaining to indore. Another absence was Satyanarayan Patel who had almost become our MP. I wonder what he would have done in Parliament if does not bother to speak in assembly.

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