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Thursday, September 17, 2009

drought year, Navratri & Indore

Since last one week headlines of newspapers and new channels are screaming about expenses of our ministers but those pointing fingers at public personalities never bother to have look at what we are doing.

When there was huge water crisis in city, despite appeal by administration every tom dick and harry who thinks he is a politician or social leader in Indore too out 'GER' (a unique indore tradition of processions on holi - festival of color) and wasted gallons and gallons of water.

Now Navratri is around the corner and so is municipal elections so how can our 'bhaiya' let go off opportunity to organize garaba nights at every roundabout and waste money but just take one litre petrol and go 100 kms from indore in an direction dhar, jhabua or khargone and one would see people , mostly tribal villagers , who can be really helped by this money.

but as I said in my earlier post as people we are touched by tokenism and politicians exploit this to hilt.

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