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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Represnetative of Public in Indore

Sometimes it seems people in Indore have no option but to choose a lesser evil only.

First mention must go to our MP for 20 years Sumitra Mahajan. I doubt if in this long duration she was able to raise any problem of Indore effectively in parliament be it rail connectivity, roads (in 90's) and water crisis ( recently). Her role has been limited to writing letters to inconsequential rail officers for some concessions while route is changed at one protest of Sushama Sawaraj.

Our MLAs never attend jan sunwai of Electricity board neither we hear or see them monitoring SSA or NREGS or even BRTS which is very much visible. But yes, one of them did reach to change alignment of BRTS to save some shops or another made sure that an unauthorized construction at patnipura was holding traffic of full area on ransom and municipal corporation was made to compensate him while he was a clear case of encroachment.

None had a constructive solution for water crisis and all they could do was start tankers in their name or dig bore wells mindlessly.

rotaries are made at all major junctions an then shifted when a road is to be made and public bears all this expenditure.

None of them seems to worried that no B Ed college is recognized in city and medical college may also soon loose its recognition.

cities like bhubaneshwar and jaipur are attracting IT companies while we have a vacant crystal IT park and no one gives a damn about it.

Land sharks are roaring to engulf mill land and our representatives are doing nothing. This whole claim of 6000 people having dues of 300 crore seems doubtful. Most of these people are labor (unskilled) and if it was private enterprise they would have been no more than contract labor. Moreover this closure happened 20 years back and compensation rate should be determined on those rates not today's.

this whole talk of interest of mill labor is a smoke screen for depriving city of last chance of greenery.

It has been proved time and again that fetish of IMC and IDA for cement road is possible for almost half of our problems but no one seems to care.

Now when someone like Vivek Agrawal was running city bus successfully or Shami was making police empowered against local hoodlums with political support our so called public representatives get hyper active to get such people transferred
but same eagerness is not shown to ask government to make inquiries against contractors of roads , BRTS, sewerage who are delaying projects despite taking advanced money.

similarly there is an interesting conspiracy of silence between both congress and BJP leaders on issue of liquor shops and huge scale land mafia. Becuase people from both sides are involved in this.

There is hardly a leader whom you can trust for giving him reins of the city's future.

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