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Friday, August 28, 2009

Maharshtra minsiter punished what about Krishnamurari Moghe family and Anil bindal

first see this news item and this one

and compare and contrast this with what happened in indore a few months back. when zoo incharge of IMC Anil Bindal took family of another BJP leader of city Mr Moghe inside cages of white tiger cubs. Many crimes were committed that day

1. it was day of holiday for normal public. animals were disturbed
2. Four wheelers were taken inside zoo flouting all rules
3. tiger cubs were from white tiger and no mere rabbit or deer, were newly born (1 day old)
4. they were taken out of cage, separated from mother and photographed with netaji's family without supervision of any animal expert. what if they died ? or got infected?

but this news does not even come on googling.

this is the failure of local media, animal conservationist (if any) and civil society (once again if any).

when someone who is a minister of a sate is pulled up for such things why no action against a councillor in indore

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