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Friday, August 28, 2009

Maharshtra minsiter punished what about Krishnamurari Moghe family and Anil bindal

first see this news item and this one

and compare and contrast this with what happened in indore a few months back. when zoo incharge of IMC Anil Bindal took family of another BJP leader of city Mr Moghe inside cages of white tiger cubs. Many crimes were committed that day

1. it was day of holiday for normal public. animals were disturbed
2. Four wheelers were taken inside zoo flouting all rules
3. tiger cubs were from white tiger and no mere rabbit or deer, were newly born (1 day old)
4. they were taken out of cage, separated from mother and photographed with netaji's family without supervision of any animal expert. what if they died ? or got infected?

but this news does not even come on googling.

this is the failure of local media, animal conservationist (if any) and civil society (once again if any).

when someone who is a minister of a sate is pulled up for such things why no action against a councillor in indore

Mystery of treasure island

Truth is stranger than fiction

this applies so aptly to treasure island.
Today it is a must visit place for anyone coming to Indore. It has provided Indore with something which can give competition to best malls in country (considering size of Indore) and has provided with a socialising platform.

But as it has come out now, it was made by flouting many norms. Apparently the ares was a residential area in earleir master plan. Now it is a different issue that Master Plans are made by people seating in Bhopal with little or no expertise in town planning or urban landscape is a different matter. Today the whole road is lined with commercial establishments and it won't be wrong to call it CBD i.e. commercial business district of Indore but I still remember times when it was site of palatial house of owner family (i.e. Kalanis). After emerging from Kanchanbag lane, till reagal talkies this side of road was a pleasant break for us cycle trotting students as traffic was less, road wide and lined with trees.

That fun is gone for sure , but still I do not think this mall has created any traffic bottlenecks. Rather various such obscenities coming on AB road have certainly created traffic bottlenecks but once again this is not the point.

Point is during congress rule a convenient JV was formed with a government corporation to make mall ( ever heard of government making mall ??? , it can happen only in Indore) and so land use was converted from residential to commercial and once change was effected JV was conveniently thrown out of window .

later IMC chose a very convenient place for the mall owners to make first foot over bridge of Indore but once again i.e. not he point.

point is

1. Why government departments should be given leeway in rules?
2. why residents of an area are not considered while making such decision. e.g. city mall at RNT road has made lives of people miserable there.
3. Why government was sleeping for so many years?
4. Can it be regularsied by imposing a hefty penalty?
5. Even if this technical point is sorted out, security wise building seems unsafe on first look. I do not know if Fire brigade will be able to handle any large scale fire on upper floors of this building.
6. Things for which this fellow is bieng punished , are they being followed in case of other people? if not then it is a case of political vendetta.
7. worse of all , this all could be an eye wash attempt to extract money from industrialist and score brownie points over congress in some deal of you scratch my back , I scratch your back (remember bhumika educational society or land mafia ?)
because no responsible person has come in open about details of what investigations are gong against the mall and what has been result of raids till date, what is tax evasion and who has been held accountable or same.

only down line is this mall was made by someone who was educated at good school (stanford MBA) , a rare thing for Indore gentry and used all his parental wealth and education in a work which surely would have make them proud but rigidity of laws or incompetence of our officers, even such path breaking projects are treated like any run of mill project.

a city of sheeps in time gets a government of wolves !!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scam in power purchase : downside of privatisation

This is big now a days , not only in MP but in many states. Problem stems from various factors :

1. competitive electoral politics of giving 24 hour electricity at election time even if power plants are not proucing enough forcing boards to make open market purchases at exorbitant rates.

2. A complete apathy by public representatives to working of electricity regulatory commmission and fixing of tarriff. In Indore none of MLA or MP even bothers to attend public hearing.

3. No new power projects in private or government sector except indira sagar in last 20 years.

4. Huge scale pilfrege and non recovery of bills and politicians who are responsible for under investment in generation and transmission support all such elements here thus harming electricity board twice.

5. Absence of well deeloped power tradng mechanism in country.

6. Our fetish for IAS officers. They man regulatory body, they run electricty board ( why not people having experience of running utilities, they do the trading on power exchange also , why not MBAs from IIM ? ) result an inefficient, incapable, unresponsive and costly utility.

Economic survey of this yea shows that MP has second highest tarriff in India and whic in part xplains why big industries are so shy of our state.

भोपाल। बिजली खरीदी में अनियमितताओं की शिकायत पर लोकायुक्त ने तीन विद्युत वितरण कंपनियों को नोटिस जारी कर उनसे जवाब मांगा है।

लोकायुक्त जस्टिस पीपी नावलेकर ने नागरिक उपभोक्ता मंच द्वारा इस संबंध में की गई शिकायत की सुनवाई करते हुए मंगलवार को यह नोटिस जारी किया। मामले की अगली सुनवाई आगामी सात सितंबर को भोपाल में निर्धारित की गई है। मंच द्वारा लोकायुक्त के समक्ष की गई शिकायत में कहा गया था कि वर्ष 2005 से वर्ष 2008 के बीच इन वितरण कंपनियों द्वारा 1770 करोड़ रुपए की अल्पकालीन बिजली खरीद में न केवल नियमों की अनदेखी की गई, बल्कि भारी भ्रष्टाचार भी किया गया। शिकायत में कहा गया कि खरीदी गई बिजली में पारदर्शिता का पालन नहीं किया गया, खरीदी के लिए नियामक आयोग से अनुमति नहीं ली गई तथा बिना निविदा के महंगी दर पर बिजली खरीदी गई। लोकायुक्त ने नोटिस जारी कर तीनों कंपनियों से जवाब मांगा है।

मामले की अगली सुनवाई सात सितंबर को भोपाल में होगी। उल्लेखनीय है कि विद्युत दरों से संबंधित टैरिफ की घोषणा के समय पत्रकारों ने नियामक आयोग के अध्यक्ष से भी बिजली खरीदी को लेकर सवाल किया था। उन्होंने बताया था कि 2006-07 में खरीदी गई बिजली में अनियमितता पाए जाने पर आयोग ने 1100 करोड़ से अधिक की स्वीकृति नहीं दी थी।

उनका कहना था कि चालू साल में खरीदी का ब्योरा अभी नियामक आयोग के सामने नहीं आया, यह मामला जब उनके सामने आएगा तो देखेंगे। दरअसल बिजली खरीदी को लेकर सरकार पर विधानसभा चुनावों के बाद से ही आरोप लग रहे हैं। शिकायत है कि चुनावों के मद्देनजर मतदाता नाराज न हों, इसलिए उस समय तो महंगी बिजली खरीदी गई, लेकिन उसके बाद नहीं। इसकी वजह से बिजली संकट बरकरार है। सामान्य तौर पर भी बिजली खरीदी को लेकर अनियमितताओं की शिकायत है।

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

why quota for MLA /MPs by IDA

Today I read in Naidunia one announcement by IDA for some flats for sale in Samvad nagar.
Most of MLAs in MP have assets of at least a crore and in Indore all of them are way beyond the mark.

What is the point of reserving flats or plots for such people when this a scarce resources and lot of eligible people are not able to purchase them.

only some tribal MLAs have reported assets of few lakhs (which is also above state average) and they can anyway get such seats in tribal quota.

Is our CM listening??

Represnetative of Public in Indore

Sometimes it seems people in Indore have no option but to choose a lesser evil only.

First mention must go to our MP for 20 years Sumitra Mahajan. I doubt if in this long duration she was able to raise any problem of Indore effectively in parliament be it rail connectivity, roads (in 90's) and water crisis ( recently). Her role has been limited to writing letters to inconsequential rail officers for some concessions while route is changed at one protest of Sushama Sawaraj.

Our MLAs never attend jan sunwai of Electricity board neither we hear or see them monitoring SSA or NREGS or even BRTS which is very much visible. But yes, one of them did reach to change alignment of BRTS to save some shops or another made sure that an unauthorized construction at patnipura was holding traffic of full area on ransom and municipal corporation was made to compensate him while he was a clear case of encroachment.

None had a constructive solution for water crisis and all they could do was start tankers in their name or dig bore wells mindlessly.

rotaries are made at all major junctions an then shifted when a road is to be made and public bears all this expenditure.

None of them seems to worried that no B Ed college is recognized in city and medical college may also soon loose its recognition.

cities like bhubaneshwar and jaipur are attracting IT companies while we have a vacant crystal IT park and no one gives a damn about it.

Land sharks are roaring to engulf mill land and our representatives are doing nothing. This whole claim of 6000 people having dues of 300 crore seems doubtful. Most of these people are labor (unskilled) and if it was private enterprise they would have been no more than contract labor. Moreover this closure happened 20 years back and compensation rate should be determined on those rates not today's.

this whole talk of interest of mill labor is a smoke screen for depriving city of last chance of greenery.

It has been proved time and again that fetish of IMC and IDA for cement road is possible for almost half of our problems but no one seems to care.

Now when someone like Vivek Agrawal was running city bus successfully or Shami was making police empowered against local hoodlums with political support our so called public representatives get hyper active to get such people transferred
but same eagerness is not shown to ask government to make inquiries against contractors of roads , BRTS, sewerage who are delaying projects despite taking advanced money.

similarly there is an interesting conspiracy of silence between both congress and BJP leaders on issue of liquor shops and huge scale land mafia. Becuase people from both sides are involved in this.

There is hardly a leader whom you can trust for giving him reins of the city's future.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can we do with only one Satyapal Anand

We have many people whining about conditions in Indore but this is the only gentleman who appears to be doing something concrete.

At the height of water crisis in summer when councillors aka parshad were busy scoring political points and municipal officials minting money, he was the man who went to high court for proper plan of tackling crisis.

be it traffic issues, sanitation, stray cattle, tree cutting by IMC, strike by doctors he is effectively using the tool of PIL to at least highlight issues and wake officials from their slumber.

why do not we have more such people may be retired public servants and out of favor politicians who know the sysem better can serve people at least now if they did not when they were in positions which mattered.

This is called an active MLA

भोपाल। पढ़ने में अटपटा जरूर लगेगा लेकिन हकीकत में मध्य प्रदेश विधानसभा में पूछे गए चार सवालों के जवाब भोपाल तक भेजने के लिए बैतूल जिला प्रशासन को शायद ट्रक का बंदोबस्त करना पड़ सकता है।

ऐसा कागजों की भरमार के कारण होगा। प्रश्नों की संख्या है सिर्फ चार और जवाब देने के लिए भिड़ा है पूरा का पूरा अमला। अमूमन, विधानसभा में पूछे जाने वाले सवालों के जवाब या तो कूरियर से भेजे जाते हैं या संबंधित विभाग का कोई कर्मचारी खुद लेकर जाता है। निश्चित ही जवाब में सरकारी दस्तावेजों की भारी-भरकम तादाद देखते हुए बैतूल के ग्रामीण विकास विभाग को उन्हें एकत्र कर भोपाल तक भिजवाने के नाम पर पसीना आ रहा होगा।

सवाल पूछने वाले विधायक हैं, सुखदेव पांसे। वह बैतूल जिले के मुलताई विधानसभा क्षेत्र से कांग्रेस के टिकट पर चुनाव जीते हैं। दूसरी दफा विधायक बने पांसे ने राष्ट्रीय ग्रामीण रोजगार गारंटी योजना से जुड़े चार सवाल दाग कर विभाग की नाक में दम कर दिया है। पांसे ने पहला सवाल किया है कपिलधारा योजना के तहत बनने वाले कुओं को लेकर। इस योजना में बैतूल जिला पूरे देश में अव्वल आया है। पांसे ने बैतूल के उन सभी लाभार्थियों की सूची के साथ कुएं निर्माण के सत्यापन की छायाप्रति मांगी है, जिनके यहां कुआं बनाने का दावा कर पहला नंबर पाया गया। इसके साथ उन्होंने क्रय सामग्री माप के दिन की जानकारी भी प्रति लाभार्थी अलग-अलग मांगी है। इस प्रश्न में उन्होंने बैतूल के साथ ही छिंदवाड़ा जिले की जानकारी भी चाही है। बैतूल जिले की दस जनपद पंचायतों की 558 ग्राम पंचायतें और छिंदवाड़ा जिले की ग्यारह जनपद पंचायतों की 808 ग्राम पंचायतों से इस सवाल का जवाब खंगालने में पूरा का पूरा अमला लगा है।

उन्होंने दूसरा सवाल पूछा है, राष्ट्रीय रोजगार गारंटी योजना की अब तक की प्रगति पर। यानी फरवरी 2006 से अब तक बैतूल जिले में रोजगार गारंटी योजना के तहत क्या-क्या काम हुए। कितना पैसा खर्च हुआ और कितने लोग लाभांवित हुए? तीसरा सवाल पंचायत वार उस रकम के बारे में पूछा गया तो काम का बगैर सत्यापन किए वितरित कर दी गई।

विधायक सुखदेव पांसे ने 'दैनिक जागरण' से बातचीत में कहा कि यदि काम हुआ होगा तो सामने आएगा और नहीं हुआ होगा तो इस जांच के बाद जरूर तेजी से होगा।