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Friday, July 24, 2009

Indore needs a Kalpana Parulekar

I had first heard about the lady when Diggi Raja was unisputed king of MP. This gusty lady had a fight with him and was denied ticket also but is now back.

Among all the MLA of MP very few (hardl10-20 out of 230) have assets less than a crore and she is among them. This becomes more interesting as she is not tribal (most of poor MLAs are tribal) or a first timer .

It becomes more interesting when one knows she is most qualified MLA in our assembly. She is an MBBS. Dr Vijaylakshmi Sudho is also MBBS but she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her dad was a big politician.

and on the one hand when "Dr" Sadho always uses this prefix Kalpana Parulekar uses it seldomly.

Bhajan singer is uncrowned king of Indore and no congress leader in Indore had guts or moral authority to challenge liquor shops so they had to import this lady from Ujjain to lead the protests.

Once again the pension scam about which I have mentioned before also ,congress in Indore is not raising the issue due to some understanding with BJP but this lady is still fighting it out.

Hail to the gusty lady.

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  1. Dude no update or comments on recent floods in Indore from you?