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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bihari influx in Indore

It is no secret that Indore has a serious problem of Bihari influx now.

1. First of all almost all administrative officers in Indore are from outside MP. Not many locals clear UPSC exam and even in PSC outsiders are allowed to eat into pie which is meant for local people.

2. Construction ,transport workers, people doing petty job in offices, large body of students in colleges - Bihar is giving varying kinds of people to us. I remember some 15 years back in my school first one of the conductors came from Bihar and then within a year all conductors were Bihari as they were ready to work for less.

Patna Indore weekly trains has contributed in no little measure towards it.

and what Bihari railway policemen could do and did when terrorists attacked at VT station can be seen in documentary made by channel four on Taj attack.

Now a malicious disease quite common in Bihar - i.e. cheating in exams, impersonating is taking roots in MP and first point is medical as it is even today most sought after.

Only time IIT JEE paper were out and exam was held twice was in 1997 - it happened in Bihar though paper were sold in Lucknow.

Same happened with CAT in 2003. Once again A biahri was a culprit.

It is not uncommon to see Bihar slogging for 3-4 years to get admission in professional colleges thus distorting the field and they were a major reason why IIT boards restricted number of attempts to 2.

Now they are spreading this disease to our beloved Indore as well. Earlier it would be isolated case of some paper setter leaking question in gwalior or bhind morena area but now name of Indore also stands to be spoiled.

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