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Friday, June 19, 2009

What the merchants want

Though Indore is financial capital of MP , our FM or other responsible people tend to come here not more than once in 6 months or a year - contrast this with frequent interactions FM has with industry captains in Mumbai.

But this time in a run up to budget our FM chose to visit Indore. He has been widely acclaimed for improved financial position of MP government (perhaps rightly so) but now with widening fiscal deficit, lowering growth and failure to attract any big industry to MP when going was good in last 5 years means that now it is his litmus test.

As is usual with top down approach of planning in state , there was no one to represent workers, peasants or other stakeholders and BJP lives to its reputation of party of traders and agents.

Another interesting fixture was out very own Bhajan Singer whose remarks during the meeting show not only his tactlessness or lack of economic literacy but also one can find him gleefully mocking Raghavji that recession or no recession , my business goes on as usual.

Now some pertinent points from this whole discussion :

1.One Mr Sharad Jain from BJP's economic cell says bring metro to Indore we will give margin money of 875 crore. My salutations to him.
How can one think along such foolish lines and than have courage to sprout these words of wisdom in pre budget meeting as well. Our own CM is cheating Indore on Indore Manmad rail line issue and this fool wants metro
2. Another demand of this gentleman was Narmada shipra link to ameliorate water situation . Now how do you transfer water from plains to plateau on large scale is beyond understanding of normal persons.
3.One fellow made a sensible suggestion , that if you can not provide electricity in state at least reduce duty on gen sets and diesel etc.
4.usual demands of paperless working and reduction in powers of inspectors were made which are justified to large extent but are nver going to be fulfilled
5. GST not t obe rejected outright as this will scare away outside investors. This makes sense but my gut feeling is MP will join states like UP to first deny GST and then adopt it after everyone has done it but will lose crucial time and confidence of investors in process
6.there is no fire brigade in Sanwer road industrial area and this area suffers from most of the fire incidents in city if one goes by news reports

Let us see how many of these are fulfilled in budget and how creative the budget is . I have little hopes with the government which wasted 5 years of economic boom doing nothing to come up with something brilliant when going is tough



  1. Dear Friend,

    it is always very easy to ctiticize. If u r disappointed what dont u post ur ideas and suggestions in Ideas for CM website. Here is the link


    Thts our problem we get immense pleasure in criticizing someone. Dear Friend why not contribute ur idea for the sake of development.

  2. @ anonymous why don't you write with name you were given by your parents. I bet it is not so bad that you need to hide it.

    as far this lame duck site ideas for CM I have used it.

    my sugeestion for putting boards for projects more than worth than 1 crore indicating name of contractor, approving engineer and duration was never acknowledged. ( it happens in some parts of Bangalore)

    my other simple hindutavadi idea for exploring possiblity of opening Tirupati darshan booking counters in major cities of MP was rejected after 15 days of careful consideration and reason given was that 'it is a demand and not a suggestion'

    Do i need to say more???

  3. Dear Friend,

    I know its frustrating. because the same reply was even given to some of my suggestions, but some are accepted too. This does't mean that we stop writing.

    I see glass quarter filled than 3/4 empty. It is a system created by us, cleansing wont happen fast.

    Atleast we have a sincere CM, although who works around him are incompetent. It will take time.
    Be optimistic that is what i can say and Hope.

    'Lahero se darkar nauka paar nahi hoti, Koshish karne walo ke haar nahi hoti'