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Monday, June 8, 2009

A tale of two sports

Strange things keep on happening in Indore.

First almost moribund Indore cricket association is rejuvenated after bhajan singer takes over and he has the bright idea of organizing a 20-20 tournament on lines of IPL and by all account it has been successful. Government machinery was pressed into service and all private contacts were tapped to sponsor the event . To cap it almost daily one or other minister of state government or some cricket celebrity is brought Indore to grace the event.

One has to give the man credit where it is due .
He is an efficient organizer.
He being at helm of affairs may do some good to cricket in Indore.

Other scene, which would have ideally attracted more eyeballs was a marathon on 7th june. When whole city is reeling under water crisis, our mayor gets this brilliant idea of organizing 'neem mahotsav'. and a marathon in summer!!! it happens in no other part of world.

now height of mismanagement. No water or medical facilities for runners en route or at the end of run. Interestingly no one was there to take care of runners at the end of race and en route one was hit by tractor and had to be evacuated to hospital and others just collapsed.
All this when ads for the event has huge smiling photos of our mayor.

so this clearly demonstrates who calls shots in Indore and how money is still important in success of any such event and how much thickheaded out mayor is.

Some new updates http://epaper.naidunia.com/Details.aspx?id=67831&boxid=27922844


  1. It's easy to comment from outside. i m not favouring any one.So plz think 100 times before crticize. Wishes 4 u. keep writing.

  2. Manoj Bhai,
    Be specific. what points you find are 'undue criticism'

    I am not given to rhetoric.
    There are facts, observations and then my comments.
    You are welcome to do same.