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Sunday, May 24, 2009

why indore traders refuse to improve

I had written earlier as to why huge cash transaction done by traders in Indore are open invitation to robberies.

and now new incident in anaj mandi once again underlines that one has to eliminate an ill completely. without stopping their black market transactions on which they evade taxes it would be futile on part of traders to think they will not be sitting ducks for robbers.

more interestingly,

1. these people refuse to follow traffic rules and do parking on road wherever they want, when police intervene their political masters are always there to pull strings - result thieves escaped in this melodrama

2. in whole area no one saw their face or number of vehicle - a highly suspicious claim and then they want police to protect them

this is a very peculiar social group which bends all norms for its own benefit and then blames others for loss.

a case of sulking child

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