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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An SP with spine : SP Shami of Indore

I always used to wonder that how 'management by example' can work in practice. I am more a believer in individual school i.e. if a person is good, he will do his work fine even if world around him is not functioning and if he is bad no matter what incentive you give he will always cheat, but this may be true for only 10% of population on either end of spectrum .rest 80% of us are mere mortals and our behaviour is driven or conditioned by out surroundings to a large extent and conduct of those who are leader amongst us is one of those factors.

SO when a political leader condones corruption or abuses his authority, his followers do not have compunction in wreaking havoc with system on grass roots.

Our society works mostly on notional authority. If everyone decides to be a law breaker no amount of vigilance can stop crime , but if there is fear of authority then system will work and after a long time we have an SP who has defeated every moves of political bosses of Indore.

Some of his interesting deeds are

1.clever use of election time ( when model conduct is in force) to execute pending warrants. No less than 3 congress candidates and one BJP candidate including congress city president were roaming free in city while there were warrants issued against them. This speaks a lot about police politico nexus and how both parties help each other when it comes to their common interests.
Son of former congress city chief Kripashankar shukla ( who is also infamous for not paying his electricity dues) was also caught after much drama.

Reducing number of outstanding warrants from 2800 to 2000 in 4 months is a good achievement.

2. Area domination march - for the first time something that is in rule books but was never being used is being used now.

3. He even tried to reform traffic habits of city people , but failed primarily because people of Indore are really ungoverned lot and they are ready to lose their near and dear ones to accidents, spend time and money in traffic jams but not follow rules.

4. He got rid of useless schemes of past SPs such as so called family chancellors which was just parking lot for women from connected people and waste public money.

6. Indore police is the only
government website
in whole MP where there is FAQ section and someone really responds on it. At last there is use of IT in an intelligent way in some government department.

7. I really became his fan in liquor shop issue. Politicians of both side have connection with liquor lords and don't hide it and never support normal public. Even at the height of election our MP Sumitra Mahajan was at most ambivalent about the issue while MLAs simply chose to sit silent as it was not their election time. Even opposition was interested in only raising rubble rather than adopting legal routes. collector and other people were taking shield in name of government policy
but if there is a will there is a way and Mr shami showed this when he used some obscure rule of voluminous police code of India and shut the shops. Though this could last only a day as alcohol runs thicker than blood not only in Indore but also in Bhopal's politicians veins.

and last straw came few days back ,when so called self appointed lord of indore 'bhajan singer' summoned police brass to residency 'kothi' instead of going to police HQ in a feudalistic style and gave them sermons and asked to catch petty criminals with both hands tied and bow in reverence in front of every political leader whenever he or she chooses to visit a police station to get one of their cronies free or break a law or simply create a ruckus.

I don't know how many days this gentleman will be allowed to last here but if he plays his cards well and works on insecurity of Shivraj singh against indore leaders then he can prolong his stay and hopefully do something good for Indore people

Let light and truth and if possible law prevail .

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