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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A real youth leader ' Meenakshi natarajan'

Well let me put a disclaimer first I am a die hard congress opponent and till few days back was an ardent supporter of BJP

Now why I am saying what I am saying is because of two reason, first she is 'young' in real sense of term - not 45 year old 'yuva hriday samrat' and secondly unlike media darlings of sachin, omar, jyoti, dushyant, milind, priyanka, supriya, kanomazi, rahul, akhilesh and countless others she is not from a political family.

If I am not mistaken I can guess how this 'madarasi' sounding name has got planted in hindi heartland politics.

If I remember correctly she was debating champion (national level) and a star speaker in her college days at holkar college Indore. ( I read about her in college magazine of my elder brother) and my guess is during those she must have been noticed by some high level congress leader or still better rahul baba himself because I have been hearing about her as active in youth congress since last few years.

This is one advantage of dynastic policies that changes which would be difficult to bring otherwise can be brought by prince or princess. So Rahul Gandhi succeeded in getting a good orator and thinker ( logical corollary?? she must be writing her speeches herself) a ticket for loksabha which would not have been possible otherwise.

and latest media reports point that she did not misuse campaign fund allocated by congress central command and has even retruned the unspent amount.

But alas she will lose the elction .. and she is in wrong party

but I hope to hear more about her in near future.

here is a real young turk


  1. Is it time you changed your opinion about Meenakshi Natarajan and the voters who gave her a great win?

  2. yes, u r right I have participated in debates with her.If people like her can join Indian politics it would be great for India's future.

  3. WHO LOSE............!!!!!!!!

  4. She is Next Barack Obama of India.
    Youth of India.

  5. Yesterday (15/7/09)I heard her speak in Lok Sabha during the debate on grant for HRD Ministry. I never thought that MPs make sch in depth study before making their speach. According to Jewish belief there are 7 people always because of whom the world survives. (I 've read it somewhere. I'm not sure it is authentic).As lomg as people like Ms Meenakshi are in our politics we have reason for hope

  6. S.K.Vatsa,Brajrajnagar,OrissaJuly 16, 2009 at 9:48 AM

    I never interested in debate of Lok Sabha.But on15.07.2009 as I on my TV set I saw a south indian lady speaking in Hindi on LOKSABHA channel.Not only speaking in hindi even pronoumsation and presentation also very attractive. I heared her full speech.Hearing her speech there is no doubt that Indian politics going towards the right track.She is real leader as I want to see in leadership.Pray to GOD for her long life.I can not appriciate her in words.Meenakhsi is the ray of hope in Indian politics.

  7. @above
    What is so great about what language she spoke in or how perfect her pronunciations were in that language??
    Would you not have felt the same 'good' feeling if she spoke in tamil with english subtitles below?

    Hindi is not a national language - India does not have a national language - politicians need not know hindi...

    Instead, concentrate on the content of the talk or what the person actually does!