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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Power corrupts - BJP in Indore

it has been only 15 days of my stay in Indore and hardly a week since election got over ( so politicians got a free hand) but daily news paper are full of deeds or misdeeds of our elected representatives and BJP has left congress behind in the pace with which it is becoming congress itself. some major happenings are

1. two councilors fight with each other for water. firearms are used but no case registered by police.

2. two cronies of bhajan singer fight with each other for a road mishap. no arrest

3. MLA and BJP district president misbehave with TI and let an suspected criminal go free whom police had called for inquiry in jewelery theft case

4. Councilor and nephew of BJP MLA beat hell out of a home guard constable who prevented them from breaking queue for filling water tanker.

5. someone cheats traders in name of a BJP MLA by demanding money for religious function ( it means this thing happens)

6. liquor shops running openly and without any hindrance in city, SP tried to intervene but rebuffed. All MLAs silent

7. daily fight for water in city. All MLAs absent

8. BRTS delayed like anything. contract given to shadowy companies. None of the MLA or councilor protests

9. Daily deaths due to road accidents. No measures of road safety. cattle roaming freely in city. once again no MLA or councilor has any constructive idea


  1. Dear brother,
    You are biased by local news papers.Do you know that 15 Pakistani Civilians were caught in past 6 days trying to buy houses in the new arriving townships of Bypass roads.

    These township owners complained in bulk to Palasia thana and then they came in action.

    They came from Pakistan for open heart surgery of each other!!.

    3 of them came to saw the match of 20-20 long back and since then they are here even though their visa expired.

    I hope now is the time to wake up and watch beyond the printed things.

  2. Mankoo Bhai,
    how does Pakistani terror threat relate to corruption in IMC, IDA and other government departments and support by BJP leaders to such activities?

    time is gone when BJP can scare people of muslims and get votes

  3. I wrote that not for the post but for the blog.Instead of showing that BJP is power corrupt you have other news to cover too!

    Copy pasting the news of local news papers or commenting on them is too easy digging the real news is something different and tough too!

  4. Jumping the gun

    go through all the posts in blog
    specially on indore riots and bangladeshis in Indore you will have ample idea of that you are not the only 'nationalist' in town.

    and just before this post there was a post about congress leader.
    so go don't shoot the messenger if grammar is imperfect

  5. Bhajan singer and his cronies should be shown the door... they are bringing bad name to the BJP...