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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guru Govind Singh and others..

Indore is full of self proclaimed leaders and sometimes their audacity and arrogance surpasses even those of national level.

One such example is Bhajan singer. To emphasize that he was the last powerful mayor and now everything happens according to his wishes only he said he was guru govind singh and Indore Municipal corporation was guru granth sahib.

Agreed not a leaf turns in city without your permission ( as we saw during voting or opening of large number of liquor shops or non arrival of any IT company in city) , but spare the gods at least.

Role of Indore media is also interesting. One often hears in national media that sonia or rahul are never asked uncomfortable questions. Almost same thing can be said about Indore media vis a vis KV.

No one ever asks him :
1. How police which could not control riots was there to beat demonstrators.
2. How no IT company came to Indore in last 5 years when he was IT minister
3. Why Indore is the only city in whole country where every road is being made by cement
4. Why no planning was done for water management of city when he was mayor
5. What happened to probe of pension scam?
6. what happened to mill land?
7. why crime is increasing in city day by day? and why large no of liquor shops are being opened?

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  1. now that Tai has won inspite of all the odds against her, bhajan singer and his cronies should be shown the door asap... nahin to municipal election mein BJP pukka haaregi...