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Saturday, May 2, 2009

At last Bhoj university chancellor in net

I have written earlier about allegations against this gentleman .

And finally he has been suspended but interestingly on technical issues and not on corruption charges

Now there are some interesting points

1. Mr balram jakhar has done irreparable damage to higher education in state by making people of dubious distinctions or no distinction at all VC simply on the basis of their party loyalties and caste kinship. End of his tenure would be a great news for higher education in madhya pradesh.

It is really sad that someone who has been speaker of Loksabha in past can be so partisan and short sighted

2. This fellow kamlakar singh was a mere registrar and not an educationist. One thing which keeps institutes like IIT and IIM afloat is that they are run by academicians and not bureaucrats but situation is reverse in universities in Madhya Pradesh. Almost at all places registrar are more powerful than vice chancellor and in this peculiar case he has been even made vice chancellor.

3. Silence of youth and student organisation like ABVP, NSUI, and BJYM in all these means that youth politics has become a mere extension of party politics and it has no independent identity.

this link details name of people who benefited from largess es by this gentleman


some more action


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