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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bangladeshis in Indore

I have written earlier about bangladeshis in indore ( here ) and now this news item confirms that they are indeed involved in crime in indore

This news item also points to links of local people with bangladesh

Everyone remembers the case when son of a prominent muslim businessman in city was kidnapped by bangladeshis and huge ransom was paid.

Interesting thing is in jewelery market of Indore called sarafa large number of bangladeshis operate but police does not seem to care.

Reason is simple, labor is cheap and skilled so traders ( who otherwise fund huge religious functions of all hues and colors) do not let police touch them. Local BJP leaders who get funds from traders do not make noise about these guys and same thing applies to so called 'dharm raksha samiti' who are first to create nuisance for every roadside shrine or stone.

Same people will whip communal frenzy if anything untowered happens in city becuase of these bangladeshis.

These hidden enemies are more dangerous than open enemy.

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