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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

State of health in Madhya Pradesh


I came across this blog focusing on state of child and women health in state.
It is great.
I would like to mention about pic of a woman in labor who had to get down of vehicle by herself with relative with no medical staff being seen around at Guna hospital.

Health is an area which is never focus of any government or election in MP & situation in tribal areas is specially poor as I mentioned here and here & here

Khalwa is not many days old but it is erased from public memory and congress is not making it an election issue as its record is equally dismal. I remember when Diggi raja was CM , a dead body was discovered in a water tank supplying water to large part of city and when people protested his comment was "People of Indore can not adjust " or something of this nature

Even in big cities like Indore, condition of premier institutes like MP is a public knowledge. There are machines worth crores gathering dust as there is not fund to operate them, no test for AIDS before sugery so that doctors are not infected, lack of medicines

so at least in helth area in MP more things change more they remain same

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