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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Union Carbide waste dumped in Pithampur what is local MLA doing?

Gandhian-style protest against dumping of Union Carbide waste

Pioneer News Service | Mhow

A voluntary organisation, Lok Maitri, organised a protest in Ghandian-style against the clandestine move of dumping Union Carbide’s toxic waste at Pithampur. The protest was initiated with the signature campaign and concluded with a silent protest march at MP Waste Management Site.

The members of the organisation collected samples of water from the well situated outside the site. The speakers on the occasion briefly highlighted the fact that Pithampur at present is carving out a niche on the industrial map of the country and such disastrous steps should not be taken.

A question was also raised, if the Union Carbide’s waste is not hazardous, then as to why the same was dumped inside Bhopal and was transported all the way to Pithampur?

Intellectuals and senior citizens from Mhow, Indore, Pithampur and Dhar accompanied the silent march. Pithampur Industries’ Association president Gautam Kothari on the occasion alleged that recently around 39.6 tonnes of toxic waste have been dumped at Pithampur.

He added, “The remaining 27,400 metric tonnes of hazardous waste might also be dumped in Pithampur in future.” He added that this would adversely affect the atmosphere of Mhow, Indore and Pithampur.

Mhow Consumer Forum president Harilal Saini and the vice-president stated that as per the MP High Court directives, the Union Carbide’s hazardous toxic waste should be incinerated in Gujarat. They claimed that the Supreme Court has also termed the waste as hazardous. These agitators expressed fear that harmful particles would get mixed with the air, which lead to various diseases like cancer, paralysis, physical deformities etc.

Other prominent persons like former MP Kalyan Jain, former Vice-Chancellor Bharat Chhaparwal, Advocate Jai Prakash Maharshi, councillor Mohanlal Agrawal and others also spoke on the occasion.

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