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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sucide by a farmer in cooprative czar Subhash yadav's area

Farmer commits suicide in Khargone

A farmer committed suicide in Maiharghatti (Goganva block) in Khargone on Thursday night. He was upset because he had no money to pay the debt.

Dashrath Kushwaha, 58, had left the house saying he was going to Badgaon but consumed insecticide in his fields at Nagjhiri. He hadn't told anybody in the family about his intention to end his life.

He had taken a loan of Rs 2 lakh this included Rs 86000 from Adim Jati Sahkari Samiti for farming and a similar amount from Bank of India for tube well digging. With interest he had to pay voer Rs 2 lakh.

Though he looked depressed after the crop had failed, the family members had no idea that he could commit suicide. His son Santosh said that his father was worried about the loan for many days.

The police said that he left a suicide note asking his son to sell the small plot of land which the family holds, to get rid of the debt. "He remained tense because he had no money to pay back", said his wife.

"Had the loan being waived, he would not have taken his life", she said. The suicide is becoming a major issue in Khargone. Kushwaha was not a beneficiary of the loan waiver schemes.

Various sections have criticised the administration for insensitivity towards the poor farmers. Khargone Collector Amit Rathor has said that police is conducting inquiry to findout why he couldn't pay the debt.


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