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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Reading this news i was reminded of my childhood when Peacock were ramapant in Indore city limits and was the only wild animal one could see in its surroundings.

My home is in city so whenever I would cycle out towards airport and Bijasan huge area between Bada Ganpati and kalani nagar used to be full of peacocks in fields and empty plots.
Now there are colonies everywhere in this area and huge real estate battles are fought for it.

Another area was dhar road and chandan nagar after gangwal bus stand but I have not been in that area for years. It is strange that only road leading to capital ( i.e. dewas road) has seen development all others i.e. dhar road, khandwa road, depalpur road are more or less left out.

but anyways this post is for peacocks whom I will miss and children of this generation will not even know what they are missing

some news is here as well.

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