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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Indore MLAs earn more than Investment bankers or film stars or sports persons

I remember one of I bankers boasting before this meltdown started that only way to earn overnight riches apart from lottery were movie stars, sports stars and I bankers but I guess he forgot politics.

No need to get a threadbare view of affidavits ,i.e. if assets are undervalued ( yes they are) , if most of assets transferred in name of wives, children or other relatives ( yes they are) if one simply compares what they have declared in their own name then it gives startling results.

I have used this wonderful site empoweringindia.org to get the results

1. Satyanarayan patel

from 26 lakhs to 63 lakhs or so , 2.5 in five years I guess we should invite him to IIM also

2.Kailash Vijayvargiya


from 24 lakhs to 62 lakhs and he got rid of all liabilities also
but criminal cases increased from 1 to 11.
Best of luck to Mhow Junta

3.Ashwin Josihi


from 11 lakhs to 36 lakhs , so despite being in opposition a three fold increase. Impressive

and three criminal cases come free with this money

4.Mahendra Hardiya


He beats everyone a six fold increase from 15 lakh to 90 lakh.

5.Malini Gaur


But as is in fashion today this lady has left men behind. Her late husband had declared assets of 9 lakh but she has declared more than a crore and interestingly she also does not have PAN card like her husband.

keeping his legacy intact :)

I would have loved to compare for other usual suspects and losing candidates also but data in not available online that easily.

So next time any of this opens mouth on corruption you know how to reply.

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