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Monday, March 16, 2009

For a change congress has point

The Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee has condemned RSS chief K Sudarshan's call for providing education in Hindi in Medical and Engineering.

MPCC Spokesman JP Dhanopia in a statement issued here on Sunday said that Sudarshan's advice to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was a setback for him and his plans of making Madhya Pradesh a golden State. The advice is contrary to the Chief Ministers dream and is rather taking back the State to the eighteenth century, he added.

Dhanopia said the Sangh parivar has always obstructed the new generation's development plans by imposing its age-old ideology.

Prior to this also Sudarshan have made a mockery of the family planning scheme. On earlier occasions too Sudarshan has uttered unruly words about Indian Constitution asking to burn it, thus insulting the Constitution of the country, he added.

This reflects the narrow thinking of the Sangh parivar and clearly indicates in what direction they want to lead the State, he added.

On the one hand senior BJP leader LK Advani, with an eye on the general elections, is talking of IT vision and promising to provide cheap laptops to crores of students. On the one hand Sangh leaders children too are studying in reputed English medium schools and their families are openly using imported goods and clothes and on the other Sudarshan advices the State Chief Minister for adopting Hindi medium in Medical and Engineering. This exposes the double standards of the Sangh leaders.

Sudarshan should first impose the age-old ideology of Sangh on his family and that of other Sangh leaders and then give instruction for adopting Hindi in State colleges, he added.

He wondered in what capacity Sudarshan issued the dictat to the Chief Minister and that too when the moral code of conduct was imposed in view of the general elections. This is an open violation of the modal code of conduct, he said.

If the Sangh parivar wishes to impose its thoughts through administration then it should not work from behind the curtains. Instead it should contest the general elections so that they could get direct response from the people, he said.

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