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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Curious case of state called Madhya Pradesh

I read somewhere that after reorganisation of states whatever was left was clubbed together and given name of Madhya Pradesh.
Somewhere else I read that trains have to pass through MP while going from north to south and east to west else MP would not have whatever little rail routes it has at present.

This attitude of neglect by policy makers is exhibited in kind of leaders we have got:

1. Our governoe - he put his clansmen as VC in all universities .many of them like asharfilal sharma in case of indore were caught doing misdeeds and had to be changed but governor has not learnt. he even wanted an ex IAS to continue as VC of Indore university while he was contesting election as congress candidate. Now just a reminder that this gentleman has been speaker of Loksabha in past.
So much for constitutional propriety.

2. Our CM - less said about him is better. He can't deliver real goods so doling out sops. No one knows what happened to dumper purchase case. at least six of his ministers in last cabinet were under Lokayukta scanner and no need to tell cases are not progressing in any of them.
Whole state is reeling under water crisis but CM is busy fighting war of words with congress on imaginary money.
A society of sheeps in time gets a leadership of wolfs

3. Our Chief justice of High court - As i reported earlier he does not have that great reputation and may be that is the reason he has not been able to rein state government for many of its brazen acts.

4. Our chief secretary - he is busy making career of his son as commercial pilot, no wonder development of state is suffering.

so all the top persons in state are eccentric in their own ways and state is like a rudderless ship

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