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Friday, March 20, 2009

Chief secretary of Madhya pradesh under Lokayukta scanner

From http://ebhopal.blogspot.com/

The Times of India has published a report that Madhya Pradesh Lokayukta has sent a notice to the Chief Secretary Rakesh Sahani after a preliminary inquiry to probe to complaints against him reached the investigative agency.

But no Hindi newspaper in Bhopal published the news. Are they afraid to even report a minor complaint or they just don't want to brush the bureaucrats wrong way? The complaints are made by two Indore-based persons.

The two persons Shri Ram Goyal and P Jain complained that the state government resumed its grant and aid to MP Flying Club after nine years only when the son of CS was offered concession for training as a commercial pilot.

The concessional flying fee was Rs 4100 per hour compared to 6200 per hour for others. The club says resuming the aid was coincidence and they give a concession to relatives of government officials

A related news

Bhopal, Aug 12 A trainee pilot lost contact with Air Traffic Control (ATC) after taking-off in a single seater small plane of Madhya Pradesh Flying Club creating panic at the ground here today.
The trainee pilot, Sameer Sahni son of the Madhya Pradesh Chief Secretary, Rakesh Sahni, was commanding the plane and lost contact due to some technical snag with the ATC after taking-off from Bhopal Airport for a training session, official sources said.

Later, the plane was located above Biora town in Rajgarh district by the local police station following which another plane of the flying club was sent to guide it back to the Bhopal airport.

The plane was later landed under emergency condition at the Bhopal airport, they added

so bureaucrats having a field day on expense of tax payer's money

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