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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

to transfer land in Shivraj you need to commit suicide

ost departments steeped in corruption & inefficiency
This refers to your report,"Bhopal Collector axed" following Babloo Meena's suicide in the Tehsil Hazur Bhopal premises.(5/01).

Earlier, the Commissioner Bhopal Division had placed the concerned Tehsildar and the Patwari under suspension for failing to take prompt and appropriate action on the applicant's request. Bablu was so sick and tired of corruption and delay in the transfer of a piece of land in his father's name that he saw no alternative to drawing the attention of the authorities to his family's plight but to make the supreme sacrifice. What a shame!

I dare allege that the level of corruption is much higher in this department than in any other. I myself had to spend over 2 years in getting my piece of land demarcated/measured and it took me several trips to the Tehsildar, some of them totally unnecessary. One day while waiting for the Tehsildar I took the opportunity to call on the Commissioner, Bhopal, the two offices being side by side. He was good enough to intercede with the Tehsildar on my behalf but this instead made the situation worse as it incensed the Tehsildar that I had dared approach a higher authority. The Tehsildar sat on the case and not even Collector court's order could get me immediate relief. My complaint against illegal cutting of trees is still pending in the Tehsil.

I earnestly hope that the Chief Minister doesn't stop at ordering some transfers as has been done in present case. He may consider taking it further by ordering a thorough inquiry into the revenue cases pending in all the Tehsils of Bhopal district and very soon extending the exercise to the entire state to exorcise the ghosts of corruption. He will discover that the rot runs much deeper than one can imagine. The people are in deep trouble because of the corrupt, highhanded and lackadaisical ways of the revenue administration.

It is sad, indeed, extremely distressing that the administration has become so insensitive and so corrupt that it required a young man to take the extreme step to invite the attention of the chief executive of the state. Hope, Babloo's sacrifice will not go waste.

R.J. Khurana, Bhopal

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