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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our 20 year MP Sumitra Mahajan says economy needs political philosophy

Ever heard a foolish friend is worse than a cunning enenmy

Our 6 time MP is living example. Below is what she had to say about economic crisis in parliament

Today we have been discussing the economic conditions of our country and the economic package to be given by the Government. But we have to deliberate upon our priorities and action plan in the right perspective. Being an economist is not enough. Sometimes we need a political philosophy also. Generally the packages doled out by the Government do not succeed in their objectives. This failure is the most exemplified by the implementation of the large economic package given to the farmers of Vidarbha. As regards this package, we came to know previously that the Government will give Rs.75,000 crore package but soon, it trickled down to Rs.20,000 crore and the lion’s share has gone to the real estate. The Government has said that the interest rates will be brought down on the home loans ranging from Rs.5 lakh to Rs.20 lakh but in these days one cannot purchase a house in Rs.5 lakh. Lot of black money has been invested in the real sector and there has been a lot of speculative investment in this sector which has pushed the prices further. Unfortunately, people think that, we, the politicians, are hand-in-gloves with real estate developers. We have to put an end to this speculative investment Though IT sector will also get benefit by this package, but we will have to implement it in a right way. For the past few years the salary packages have become fatter. There were loan packages in the market. Our youths grabbed the both. But now, salary cut and unemployment are looming large over their heads. This can create a huge crisis in our economy, society and politics. So, there should be a political philosophy in guiding the implementation of this package.

Most interesting is her comment about real estate and politician. Madam just have a look at asses declarations by your party candidates in Indore. All of them are crorepatis. Your own crony Gopi Nema's name cropped up in a probe by Lokayukta but IMC did not give the approval for prosecution.

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