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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Indore Municipal Corporation refuses to improve

So despite garnering accolades on national level rudimentary computerization ( even with mistakes) will not be possible in Indore.


1. A faulty PPP model with private party. Even highly trained government employees can not do data entry job how did bureaucrats in IMC think that their employees mostly who come via muster route ,are unskilled at anything except political machinations and laziness will be able to do the job?

2. A huge rot in recruitment and training of employees at IMC. there is so much money to be made in various departments of IMC giving permission, collecting bills and levying fines that no political leader worth of its salt wants to squander the opportunity to please his cronies at the cost of hapless public. result we are plagues with highly incompetent and corrupt staff which even refuses to learn what private operator is trying to teach them.

Another PPP ( Public private partnership) in city i.e. City Bus which was actually a brilliantly conceived model has gone horribly wrong. Private operators are doing whatever they want, and government officers are keeping mum after being bribed suitably. Vivek Agrawal is shunted and so is his project. I actually did a study on this project in one of my courses and despite all good things I always feared that model was highly personality driven and when Vivek will not be around it will collapse.I am sad that I proved correct.

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