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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Indore Election watch

I got a copy of Madhya Pradesh election watch report courtesy our professor Trilochan Shastri today.
It is sad that neither naidunia nor bhaskar gave enough coverage to this worse what should have appeared as stories in newspaper appeared as paid advertisements by candidates on the eve of election. Clearly money changed hands.

Interesting observations are :

1.The average asset of winners is 1.45 Cr. The average asset of a congress MLA is 2.39 Cr
while that of BJP is 1.07 Cr.

2.There are only 6 MLAs with less than 5 lakhs worth of asset.

3.97 MLAs have not declared their PAN no. It includes 12 MLAs who have declared assets
of more than a crore

4.Depalpur MLA Satyanarayan Patel has two criminal cases pending and charges include rioting, voluntarily causing hurt,mischief etc.

5.Humble BJP worker from Rau has assets of more than two crore and does not have a PAN card number and has two criminal cases. In his case accusation is different from others it is abetting in crime to a soldier,airman. That means he did some rioting or hooliganism with soldiers from Mhow. All the best Rau public.

6.Our Bhajan singer has 6 criminal cases pending ranging from rioting, wrongful restraint,rioting armed with deadly weapon, criminal intimidation (dhamkana basically)

7.Ashwin joshi of indore 3 is charge with assaulting a public servant, playing obscene songs apart from usual rioting, criminal intimidation and wrongful restraint.

8. Crony of Bhajan singer i.e. ramesh mandola is not behind his guru and is charged with almost all sections as his guru.

If we move from crime to assets then also our MLAs do not disappoint

Satyanaryan patel from depalpur lead the table with 30 crore worth assets.
Sudarshan gupta follows with 2 crore
Humble worker Jeetu Jirati also has 2.4 crore worth assets. Being humble he never applied for PAN card also
Tulsi silawat from sanwer has 1.63 crore
Malini Gaur from Indore 4 has 1.2 crore and no PAN number

So 5 out of 9 are criminal
5 out of 9 are crorepati also.

My beloved city !!!

even declarations are incomplete. If one digs further many assets have been declared without price tag.

Malini Gaur does not have a PAN number and has not bothered to declare price of maruti van, indigo car, fiat car & 3 hero Honda motor cycles. Seems got everything in gift :)

another contestant Shobha Ojha from indore 5 has not declared price of fiat palio and Scorpio

If one looks at list of candidates having high assets then from indore 1 - 3, Indore 4 -1, Indore 5 - 1, Sanwer - 3, Depalpur -2, Rau - 1 are crorepatis.
It seems rural areas have got more money :)

Manoj Patel from BJP in deplapur was charged for attempt to murder under IPC 307

Jeetu patwari from Rau was charged with robbery IPC 394 and for gambling also

Rajesh Nangle of BSP from Mhow was charged with 420 and cheating.

Satyanarayan Patel, sanjay shukla, Jeetu patwari and ashwin shukla all are charged with criminal intimidation.

sanjay shukla also owns almost 2 crore to public bodies ,banks etc.

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