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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hail SP Shami of Indore

I am fully convinced now that if BJP government comes in power and Bhajan Singer aka Don of Indore gets a prominent post in ministry then Indore is sure to go to Bihar/UP way. I mentioned in one of my earlier posts as to how he got police to beat up peacefully protesting RSS workers and let his goondas free in Indore 2 area. Yesterday same thing was tried and it was same police but SP was different and their efforts were foiled which clearly demonstrates leader makes a difference. In forefront of this were various councilors led by one chandu shinde who was absconding initially when new SP released list of all permanent warrantees. There were others like suraj kairo and mangilal redwaal and the known unsocial element lal bahadur verma & other cronies. Their argument was against repressive measures by Sp during election?? Give me a break just because he did not let you do corruption or threaten other party workers you will say whatever you want.

And taking shield of being common pedestrian is most bullshit logic. I think big leaders of BJP should speak against this tactic of dominating honest administration but they are equally complicit in it.

I sincerely wish the local public teaches a lesson to these goons. But I guess out of that huge pension scam some bones have been thrown to workers in this area also and that is why they are always there raising slogans. Interestingly congress did not make corruption by Bhajan Singer and his cronies an election issue at all. Specially pension scam, land grabbing and huge money siphoned off during sinhastha in kumbh. One just need to see and compare the affidavits filed by Bhajan Singer in 2003 and 2008 election and obviously it is carefully worded and made to hide more than reveal but still it spills bean

In fact affidavits of all repeat candidates make an interesting reading.

Further there is no real democracy happening in Indore. Out of 16 candidates (Rau is a new seat), though on paper 5 were new candidates i.e. first time contestants but in reality three of them ( sanjay Shukla, malini gaud and nisha sonkar got tickets due to their lineage so no real face in fact). This leaves only Sudarshan Gupta and Ramesh Mandola as 2/18 new candidates. This when population of indore due to migrants and youth both has been increasing rapidly and has almost doubled in past 10 years.

So it has become crony democracy. If one looks at MPs and MLAs who died in office in last 5 yrs then across the spectrum parties have given tickets to their sons & wives. These were the parties in forefront against princes and kings. At least those guys had some religious or moral responsibilities but this new crop of Prince and princess is above all such norms. So you have Rahul Gandhi partying when nation was burning in Mumbai and Mandar Mahajan demanding ticket as his birthright. I wonder if he thinks his mom has done so much good for Indore and if he is so desirous of serving people then why does not he contest election as an independent.

During election this Bhajan Singer from nationalist party did not leave a stone unturned to soil reputation of army in Mhow blaming it for underdevelopment of region. Talking about 500 crore plans is not enough one has to fix finances also. He wants to build a stadium in Mhow, in last 5 yrs BJP government did not build a single stadium in whole state. Being a cantonment large scale commercial development will be inimical to national security but if this bhajan singer would have cared for it would not have picked up a stake in hotel financed with underworld money.

Our concept of democracy has gone horribly wrong. MLAs are supposed to be legislative branch and their job to make laws and keeping an oversight on public officials who will be executive branch. Take for example USA where President chooses his team with best available talent (executive) and congress and senate acts as watchdog but here vidhansabha members are acting more as executives. Giving instructions to officers on development work, on government schemes & transfer trade. As if this was not enough now they have another bribing tool in form of MLA and MP local area development fund.
We saw result of this incompetent people directing development when Crores were wasted on Rajbara and then whole decorative park demolished. Once against city is being forced to pay through noose for BRTS which is bound to be a disaster as it has been planned ignoring local conditions.

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