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Monday, December 15, 2008

Discrpancies in affidavits of candiadates part 1 - ashwin joshi

I had mentioned earlier that I would try to touch issues which are not touched by main stream media.

i will attempt to write about discrepancy in affidavits of candidates who fought in 2003 and 2008 as well. so this will mean kailash vijayvargiya, mahendra hardiya, manoj patel and malini gaur and nisha sonkar ( as their husbands contested earlier) from BJP

and ashwin joshi,antersingh darbar & shobha ojha from congress

let us begin with Ashwin joshi. We are going with assumption that he has mentioned everything correct

then somethings are interesting ( change over 2003)

1. He seems to have purchased a tata ciera model 1994 - rs 64000
2.the house he lives is shown to have getting increased valuation from 10 lakh to 25 lakh but price of his land alloted by IDA remains same ??

Now he does not pay any income tax or wealth tax

forget appreciation in his land holding and gold prices and house prices.

just add increase in his cash balance, fd and post office saving account and money he spend for remianing installment of his plot and also accoutn for depreciation for cost of vehicle and UTI units one gets an increase of 28.5 lakh over 5 years.

Now he has not liquidated any property as they remain same in both years and gold holdings infact increase.

so this works out to be on an average 5.5 lakh per annum. Now if one also account for his living expenditure then this income further by at least 1 lakh annum ( assuming very basic level of living)

So clearly his income is taxable. but he paid no taxes.

case of tax evasion???

reference: http://archive.eci.gov.in/website_2/S12/182/Ashwin_Joshi/Ashwin_Joshi_SC1.html


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