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Friday, December 19, 2008

Bihar of madhya pradesh

Vindhya pradesh and bundelkhand has been volatile since ages. This was the area where pindaris thrived, then thugs and now politicians like UP and Bihar. A look at stats and violence in election takes place in these areas only, criminals contest and win here. Population is exploding that is why apart from indore and Bhopal this area has seen increase in number of seats. No industry and obviously laggard on all social indicators.

Pioneer News Service | Chhatarpur

Members of a lower caste were beaten up in Chhatarpur district for taking out a marriage procession with bridegroom on horseback like upper caste people of the region. The police have registered a criminal case against the offenders, but none of them has been arrested so far.

According to the police, the incident took place on Tuesday in which the bridegroom and his relatives accompanying him were abused and roughed up when they were taking a round of the village in the form of a procession as a marriage ritual. The village is stated to be an upper caste-dominated.

According to the bridegroom, the police said, the miscreants threatened them stating that the participating relatives cannot take out the wedding procession around the village due to their belonging to the lower caste. Bridegroom in the complaint to the police said, “The wedding procession was going on smoothly like any other marriage and I was riding on a horseback. But suddenly some individuals arrived and pulled me down and dragged. I fell down on the ground. They abused us and threatened by saying that only they could take out a procession through the area.”

The police, however, said that a complaint had been filed and affected people were given protection to carry out the marriage in the traditional manner.

District Collector of Chhatarpur Umakant Umrao accepted that there was a complaint in this regard, and said that the situation is under control. The police are searching for the offenders, he added.

Taking around a wedding procession with the bridegroom riding a horse is a part of age-old tradition. While the procession was going through the village, some miscreants indulged in violence against the people in the procession. It is a case of caste row, as the bridegroom and his family belong to lower caste. They have lodged a complaint and police would take necessary action, SDOP JR Lokare said.

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