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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ashoknagar Bus Mishap

Roadways has gone and no regulation of private buses means passengers are left to luck to reach safely to their destination in Madhya Pradesh

Will Ashok Nagar mishap alarm us?

A cycle kept on the roof of the ill-fated bus resulted in the tragic death of ten persons who were travelling from Ashok Nagar to Aron.

The cycle got entangled in the electricity line and the current spread in the bus. Panicky passengers tried to come out of the bus and some of them got stuck in. As the bus caught fire, ten persons including four women and two children were killed.

Gas cylinders were also kept in the bus. Sadly, after the tragedy just Rs 50,000 compensation was announced to the relatives of the dead passengers. There was no such reaction among either the public or media circles leave aside flutter in official circles that a tragedy of such magnitude had occured in Madhya Pradesh.

Far from Bhopal and other major cities, this accident in rural part of the state also became just another in a series of such mishaps that keep happening and that never force the society and the government to take strong measures to prevent recurrence of such tragedies.

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