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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tukojirao Pawar, Phoolchand Verma & MY hospital

It is strange that election time when government work is supposed to stop some departments are finding it best time to do their work free from political interference. Kudos to elction commission for that.

I have talked about warrants earlier. In all from congress ashwin joshi, jeetu patwari & thier city chief promod tandon were 'absconders'. From BJP side record was better and only ramesh mandola was the culprit.

But this speaks a lot about complicity of both parties in protecting leaders of other parties when in power in return for a deal. Contrast this with past when leaders will themselves ensure that all cases pending against them were cleared before they contested elections but now we have developed a dangerous theory of innocent till guilty so you have a central minister absconding and PM having no clue of his whereabouts and MPs like shahbudding serving their full term from jail. Even for job of a peon one needs to be scot free but people who decide laws can do anything they want !!!

So traffic department of Indore police took benefit of election regulations and merrily made some money as no leader can call them now and ask to release his/her cronies.

In fact water scarcity and traffic management are two biggest problems in urban areas today and thye hardly find any mention in election hungama. This year western MP has less than usual rain and from October only tankers have started rolling but this is not an election issue. why?? because the goons whom we elect are simply incompetent to solve this problem and they are anyways merrily making money from huge water tanker bills of various municipal corporations.

Now a word on Shrimant ( this is how he likes to be called .MP government issued a circular last year to make this salutation mandatory in all government orders and correspondences ....) Tukojirao Pawar and Phoolchand verma. Anyone can see from the video that these blokes misbehave with the lady officer and threw paper at her. Kudos to the courageous officer who had earlier also taken action against polluting industries in Nagda. In fact when she was transferred from there for this reason local people protested against this.

But local media continues to disappoint. Their headlines were "officer has been in controversy earlier also". Grow up naidunia and Bhaskar

So these two dudes were taken to MY ICU and poor patients from ICU were shifted to wards immediately. These blokes were kept in ICU with mobiles , with their cronies, BJP state president visited them. ( is this the way ICU functions??? Is Medical council of India listening ) and the moment they got bail they jumped out of bed and were hale and healthy.


This is the level of morale in BJP that these four time and five time MLAs (as they claim) are so afraid of their own police that they feign illness when chance comes to go to Jail.

These are the people BJP wants to thrust on us

All the best my state people

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