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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Missing poll issue :Narmada

i mentioned in my earlier post that traffic situation and low water table are two very crucial issues which none of the party is bothered in this election.

Another key issue is Narmada project. Local media ,naidunia and bhaskar as usual are silent on this. Are not they robbing people of their right to information. no so called development expert from DAVV or other places in indore has tried to write about how Narmada sagar dam has benefited MP. Apart from quantum jump in electricity production no one talks about the people who were displaced and people who lost livelihood. All talk was centered around merchant class families of Harsud who anyways got big compensation thanks to struggle by NBA.


this site shows that really huge mobilization of people are taking place but media in Indore and bhopal simply ignores this

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