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Thursday, November 20, 2008

MANIT bhopal :root of trouble

His name is uttered in a bit of hush-hush manner, but it features far too often when any negative development hits the only NIT in State – the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology. The once premier institute remains in news only for wrong reasons these days and it looks like this man – Sanjeev Saxena – is behind most of the problems ailing the NIT.

Saxena was a former student and is actually a present student too as he is apparently registered for Ph D with the institute. He turned a builder and somehow managed to grab all the construction tenders in the institute. He also managed to call the shots and got people of his choice recruited and promoted though the institute is directly governed by Union Ministry of HRD.

He allegedly used lure and blackmail to get the authorities to do as per his wishes and any one who did not fall in line was somehow taken out of the scene.

The bevy of irregularities that came to light in MN Buch Committee report point direct and indirect fingers at Saxena and persons of his proximity. As to why the MHRD is not taking any action despite different enquiries and indications remains a big mystery.

The suicide of a student on Saturday again brought to fore the immense negative influence that Saxena wields over the institute. Students cried hoarse that it was the pressure of Saxena that led the institute administration to harass the students so that they could be controlled.

They flashed voter ID cards that were apparently got made by Saxena for each student, eligible or not, so that he could garner some additional votes in the assembly elections that he is contesting in Bhopal. The students also named in for various other irregularities.

But surprisingly, Saxena’s name did not officially feature in their list of demand, nor did the students go ahead and file a police complaint. The fact that Saxena’s wife is training and placement officer of the institute makes a lot of difference to them.

So who is to reign in Saxena? Media does not write about him directly for lack of direct proof. No one dares and goes ahead to name him on record. And despite Buch Committee report naming him in indirect manner, no action is initiated by MHRD.

Can a single man ruin a national level institute for his own personal gains and isn’t there any system that could prevent him from doing it? It still remains a question.

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