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Monday, November 24, 2008

Last post before voting

I happened to visit Indore on 22nd and 23rd. It was an interesting journey.

First flight from Bangalore to Indore. there is only one flight by air Deccan and whenever i have used it it was always full I do not understand why other airlines are not following the trend.

One sore point there were more passengers for Nagpur than Indore - while I expected it to be reverse.

One pleasant thing was that even in lobby I could guess who were the people going to Indore and who were going to other places. So that touch is still there

Now Indore has no changed. Some slums have come up even near airport.

Election wise it was Rahul Gandhi's meeting so main roads in western indore were jam and I was held while going for a marriage.

Vivek Agrawala is gone but his ill conceived BRTS is troubling people to no end.It is strange that a project of such monumental importance and of such magnitude was planned by a single man without any oversight and interference and no one questioned him - a poor reflection on out politicians and intellectuals

Another point of disappointment is local media.It is open secret that both major newspapers take money from candidates to do their publicity or write against their opponents. They have failed local public. So no one writes about flop meeting of Rajnath singh in Bhopal or how many inquiries are pending against Ramesh Mandola and Kailash Vijayvargiya or why Sanjay Shukla is called Bahubali.

well my predictions are

Indore 1 - congress ( vaise i dislike both candidates but Sudarshan Gupta gives an eerie feeling by his appearacne only -villain from old Hindi movies)

Indore 2 - Ramesh Mandola - will reap fruits of work done by Kailash vijayvargiya and is also using money

Indore 3- BJP, due to addition of 8 wards

Indore 4 - BJP , sympathy, good image of late Lakshman singh gaud though his family members have harassed public

Indore 5 - dicey but BJP has an upper hand

Mhow - most interestign but moeny oculd tilt balance in favor of BJP

Sanweer - Tulasi silwat is in storng position

Rau - Congress has upper edge

Depalpur - BJP

One very disquieting thing was no local NGO questioning leaders about past promises, deeds or misdeeds. Just a customary press conference in press club. No sharp writing by academicians in so called education hub of city to expose various false claims being made by political parties.

Civil society of Indore does not evoke nay confidence and if this is any indication of things to come we are doomed to be ruled by bhajan singers & pani wale babas

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