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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Himmat Kothari joins list of accused ministers

Congress on gun purchase

Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee has levelled serious allegations of kickbacks against Home Minister Himmat Kothari in the purchase of 3,000 imported guns, here on Wednesday.

PCC spokesman KK Mishra alleged that Kothari, the then Forest Minister received kickbacks in the purchase of imported guns worth Rs 5.75 crore for preventing hunting in sanctuaries and forest areas by the forest department.

He said that the guns were purchased for those forest employees who do not know how to use them and they are untrained. They don't even have the rights and authority to fire at the criminals or poachers.

He said that the responsible Minister and Chief Conservator of Forest Anil Oberai have deliberately flouted all the rules and regulations to purchase the 12 bore pump action guns from the Stoeger Company of Turkey under a conspiracy to get personal benefits.

They did not even take No Objection Certificate (NoC) from the Indian Ordnance Factory before purchasing the guns.

He said if the forest department would have purchased the economical action guns from the Indian ordnance factory then the officials would have saved half of the money spent on the purchase.

He put forward the entire documentary proof related to the purchase and said that the purchase committee of the forest department doesn’t even included any technical expert nor took the opinion of experts before purchasing the guns.

He said that due to this the department could not know that as to how much capacity guns are required, the result of which is that the department purchased guns which have excessive shooting range than the required.

He said the department has lost crores of rupees due to this unlawful deal.

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