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Monday, October 20, 2008

Right to Information & IMC

Indore Municipal corporation

Well it is laways difficult to ensure accountability in a representative democracy. With 50% seats reserved for women and 22.5 for SC/ST it becomes more difficult in local bodies and almost none of the current councilors will be there next time but I guess now Indore has a critical mass of colleges and their faculty and various retired government servants living in all parts of city and we can effectively use RTI to make thngs change.

Some pointers.

1. List of all safai workers in each ward and their past attendance record.
2. Name of the contractor, amount paid and frequency of repair for any particular road in last 10 years - All people can demand such information for their local area road and then pressurize the contractor.
3. New recruitment in IMC in last 10 years. A very convenient method in IMC is first to put people on temporary jobs or dialy wages.These are pure nomination and alter make these people permanent. No advertisement ,no exam and obviously politicians and labor leader benefit. I have not seen a single recruitment advertisement of IMC since long.
4.Our Mayor is too fond of going abroad.Details of expenditure on all such trips.
5.Revenue earned in property tax and other taxes from every ward and expenditure done on road or other amenities. My hunch feeling is that western part of city is being taken for a ride and almost all bond roads and other investments are going to so called "New Indore"
6.Schools under IMC administration, number of students, teachers and details about teachers at same place since more than 5 years. There are many schools in indore which have teacher student raito of 1:5 or even less. Reason being that all Indorains want to work in Indore also and most of children even poor ones go to private schools now. So it would be interesting to find where are all surplus teachers.

7. Most importantly lease agreements. A list of all properties given on lease by IMC, lessor,rent and duration. I guess this will open a big can of worms

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