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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ratlam among most polluted places in world

An election issue in Madhya Pradesh ??


Just came across this item. It mentions two sites in MP one obviously bhopal and other this groundwater problem in ratlam.

This issue seems to be out of radar for local media.
Oldness of issue can be gauged from fact that Dr Pandey(MP) of Mandsaor was raising this issue as back as 1991. ( He was not MP from Ratlam town which was part of Jhabua - so interests of ratlam town were ignored. A mockery of democracy)

Another link relates how the case proceeded and how insensitivity of local administration was at the root of problem.



Now a word about industries.

Sajjan chemical is running and just shut ratlam plant. were they asked for compensation ? NO info. Corrupt officials at MP PCB should be made to drink water which is colored and polluted.

The other firm i.e. Jayant Vitamins is mentioned as a "fraud firm" here and if I am not wrong this was the firm which made famous temple at Ratlam.(JAVIAL)


Apparently they did some corporate fraud also apart from polluting local places

MP pollution control board does give it a green certificate


The other two IPCA and alcohol plant are merrily running and it seems have either taken corrective measures or transferred all blame to already closed industries.

even this book by some PHd scholar confirms this


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  1. Not only ground water, Ratlam's atmosphere too is heavily polluted - dust and vehicle exhaust (most auto & tempo run on Kerosene!)creates breathing problem to one and all. But who cares?