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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Malegaon and Modasa blast : Indore link

Well now it is everywhere in news.Some points to ponder

1. After every blast accused is caught media jumps to ask people not to bran them as Muslim terrorists now where are they?

2. Sociological factors mean that people from western MP/Gujarat can nver indulge in violence. They never rose against Britishers or Muslims like other parts of India. Tribal or framers of this area never lead any violent agitation like other parts of India and even upper caste atrocities are more subtle here and not like UP/Bihar or AP/TN

3. Sadhvi and her followers must have been foolish to not destroy chassis number of the vehicle or use their own vehicle for blast !!!

4. Sadhvi says the she sold the vehicle four years back

5. Politicians of Indore are spineless.They will not stay behind while en cashing Hindu votes but this time when ATS operates without taking local police in loop not a single murmur.

Well even if it is true in a sense it is because disillusionment of Hindus with system and government.

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