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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Madhu Verma does it again

All the papers today had a news about a spat between Madhu Verma and CMD of MP highway authority Md Suleman ( he is ex collector of Indore).
Choice of today to publish this news is curious as from reports itself matter appears to be months old. Today and yesterday also had full page advertisement by Umashashi Sharma to parade achievements of IMC under HER. Clearly an effort to show off before BJP panel which is in city for selecting BJP candidates.

How can one allow a mayor to waste people's money for her personal ambitions???

Well come back to Madhu Verma story. It is an open secret that ignoring existing alignemnts and industrial area IDA in connivance with a certain politican from Indore is wasting money on developing a certain Indore Ujjain super corridor ( similar along dewas or dhar would have been more useful)with a simple view to grab lands nearby and in process make crores.

But obviously when there is an existing highway and it is going for a PPP how can this out of blue scheme can be allowed. now some facts

1. I am not sure if it is mandate of IDA to make intercity highways. Anyways Mr Verma has wasted enough money on making cement roads in city which is not job of IDA
2.How can IDA a body controlled by politicians and lacking any technical manpower design and plan a super corridor without consulting state administration?
3.Argument that it would be a traffic jam on Indore ujjain junction that is why this fly over is being built is spurious at best as in that case fly over should cut transverse to road but it is parallel.

clearly there are big bucks in flyover and a very good PR opportunity while at the same time public of Indore watches in silence wastage of its money and mainstream media house of Indore which are both active in real estate paly along.


  1. Well arohan,
    Sitting back in your home commenting is easy. I did the same untill i didnt know the facts about madhu verma.
    If you think you can joudge the system correctly the get some real facts...
    1.Super corridor {Ujjain Road to Airport Road} is Actual demand by general traffic and development of industrial belt. Sanwer road industrial association is older then pithampur and wants direct connection to a.b. road towards bombay.It will cut the cost of tronsportation and fuel which is more valuable. See other ring road which developing so well.
    Cemented road are necessary as damar road cant work in black soil of indore. See the past..
    2. Md.Suleman is dumbest collector who just want to satisefied hiw IAS Egoism didnt even know whats gonna happen in four lane highway junction in couple of years. Go stand their now for ten minutes you will come to know what i meant. Flyover is suggest by group of brillent Engineers who done three months survey.
    3 IDA, Nagar nigam, And all other nigam is not controlled by politician. All plans is plan and proposed by a Collector rank officer Like Nigam Commisoner or IDA Ceo OR MD.

    So think and comment otherwise dont spread rumurs..

  2. @anonymous
    1 is a canard there are large areas all over india with black soil and they work with coal tar road.cemented road are just means of making more money.

    2. no quarrel on need of super corridor but there is a clear lack of priorities and huge chances of pushing plance after making real estate investment along a stretch
    3. you are mistaken..executive authority finally rests with mayor in council or IDA chairman only. it is they who decide which plan to kill and which plan to go ahead with