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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last Maharaja of Indore

I read somewhere "if you read history you lose one eye,if you ignore it you lose both"

In India right from top to bottom history is suppressed and distorted to give its color suiting the agenda of party in power.
Histoy about Holkar dynasty in Indore is also same.

All local media and intellectuals always keep on singing praise of them and describe in detail their various rituals and hobbies.

I always wondered if there was a madhavrao sindhia where was our crown prince holkar till one day I encountered in TOI Sunday life (page 3 basically) Indore prince Richard Holkar photo. So he was a christian.That means Indore maharajah had a christian wife but unlike many other Indian rulers who indianised their foreign wives here the king got his son westernized.

Later in a book of Khushwant Singh I read how Sardar patel rebuked Indore maharajah once and then he just ran away in his car

Next came B K Nehru who was given task of recovering state jewelery from absconding maharajah in USA

Next was VP Menon who in his book "integration of states" described how truant Indore Prince played and how blisfully unaware his subjects were when they were demanding higher privy purse for their beloved Maharajah.

I have not intention of discrediting good works done by Holkars for Indore in educational,social and infrastructure area but things should always be told in their entirety and our Indian society lacks this habit of self criticism.

Now below is something more explosive. Correspondence of Jinnah which indicate that Indore could actually become a province of Pakistan by some quirk of fate.


We emptied the well
And drained the land dry,
To grow a tree of thorns,
"Running" Baji Rao.

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