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Monday, October 6, 2008

Indore Police

After doing much malignment of polcie on this blog there is one good initiative of police viz their website.
It works.
It lists stolen vehicles, unclaimed vehicles.
Gives information about your passport status and also has a FAQ section where someone responds to queries also but in most of cases he direct to your nearest police station :)

I wonder why can't he transfer complain to police station and ask them to call the complainant on his contact number.
Police is there to serve people right?

It also has a daily situation report which lists complaints filed daily in all police stations but there one lacunae still. All these things are in word or pdf format so no tracking of criminals or person across the record is possible except manually

Here is the link

Navigation is also smooth comapred to other government websites but sadly it runs only in IE and not in firefox

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  1. Not gone deeply in this site, but I am proud that Indore Police Squad have an IT dept., but this web site is useful only if updates properly. Also my suggestion is that few officials has to provide note book(laptop) connected with GPRS facility on their vehicle mostly in night patroling troop & this note book should connected in vehicles.Also all mobile vehicles should have high range 30 hrs. recording cameras to be fitted on the front top with GPRS connectivity. There are so many points & ideas I have to express but in starting this is my few comments & suggestions.