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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Indore Jail

All is not well.
While reading different view points it reminded me of "Shantaram" and "Shwasank redemption".
Strange part is Jail officials were put into ICU after having minor injuries while heavily injured with fractured bones prisoners were in jail hospital and were shifted to MY after 26 hours and died as soon as they got there.

There is this nexus of CO - convict officers and perverse incentive system for jail officials to extract moeny from convicts.

As this is election time and prisoners do not vote no one gives a hoot about the incident. For Human rights vallas also this is not a top issue.

One improvement I guess could be interchange of officials from Jail to outside. Those who spend long time in Jails get no chance to make money like their outside counterparts and become frustrated. Moreover this will give some respite to field police workers also when they work in .

Another thing which strikes me as to why there are no CCTVs in our Jails and why not SP monitors Jail why CCTs installed at crucial places like say mess, cell of hardened criminals, public places as these are the places where most of the fights happen.

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