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Friday, October 31, 2008

Qualification for becoming Indore Congress President : Permanent warrant

I mentioned in my earlier post (http://indoreheartofindia.blogspot.com/2008/10/permanent-warrant-son-of-kripashankar.html) that son of kripashankar shukla is an absconder and today he was caught by police.

More interestingly Current president of congress Mr Pramod Tandon is also an absconder but no one in city appeared to know this before.He was roaming freely and meeting all and sundry including national level leaders coming to Indore but police never cared to bother which arouses a suspicion about tacit understanding between local BJP & Congress leaders. Let us see if the i festival of democracy gets some more criminals in jail

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Whose agents are Naidunia and Bhaskar

Both local newspapers are known to be in complicity with political and wested interests and often this results in complete blackout of news by them e.g. this news

Som Distilleries CMD to be produced in court on Oct 31

Pioneer News Service | Mhow

Som Distilleries CMD Ajay Arora was produced in the court of Mhow's Judicial Magistrate First Class Niranjan Panchaal on Tuesday. Arora requested the court for medical aid, as he was a heart patient. The court accepted his plea and sent him for treatment to Dr Ambedkar Government hospital Mhow from where he was shifted to MY hospital Indore. He would be produced in the court again on October 31.

Arora was arrested in Bhopal on October 27 by a team of Mhow police lead by SDOP Mhow Dhananjay Shah TI Manpur Jayant Tamre. He has been charged in a case of fixing duplicate holograms on wine bottles. A case under IPC 420, 467 and 468 has been registered against him in Manpur police Station of Mhow.

I had mentioned this case in one of my earlier posts

It seems after model code of conduct has come into force and partisan SPs replaced Police is trying to do what it can do in this small window of independence.

What a sad situation

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last Maharaja of Indore

I read somewhere "if you read history you lose one eye,if you ignore it you lose both"

In India right from top to bottom history is suppressed and distorted to give its color suiting the agenda of party in power.
Histoy about Holkar dynasty in Indore is also same.

All local media and intellectuals always keep on singing praise of them and describe in detail their various rituals and hobbies.

I always wondered if there was a madhavrao sindhia where was our crown prince holkar till one day I encountered in TOI Sunday life (page 3 basically) Indore prince Richard Holkar photo. So he was a christian.That means Indore maharajah had a christian wife but unlike many other Indian rulers who indianised their foreign wives here the king got his son westernized.

Later in a book of Khushwant Singh I read how Sardar patel rebuked Indore maharajah once and then he just ran away in his car

Next came B K Nehru who was given task of recovering state jewelery from absconding maharajah in USA

Next was VP Menon who in his book "integration of states" described how truant Indore Prince played and how blisfully unaware his subjects were when they were demanding higher privy purse for their beloved Maharajah.

I have not intention of discrediting good works done by Holkars for Indore in educational,social and infrastructure area but things should always be told in their entirety and our Indian society lacks this habit of self criticism.

Now below is something more explosive. Correspondence of Jinnah which indicate that Indore could actually become a province of Pakistan by some quirk of fate.


We emptied the well
And drained the land dry,
To grow a tree of thorns,
"Running" Baji Rao.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Permanent warrant : Son of Kripashankar Shukla

Election reforms have meant aam junta gets to see things which it can not in normal times.
SO Indore Police on thier website has put a list of permanent absconders.

It is instructive to note that against popular misconceptions that most of criminals are scheduled caste or Muslims this list has proportionate representation from all castes.

http://www.indorepolice.org ( this site has the complete list)

So much for Rahul Gandhi's proclamations of probity in public life!!!

In fact let us wait for nomination of BJP and congress candidates I hope their affidavits will be more spicy.
We are doomed to be ruled by criminals

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Malegaon and Modasa blast : Indore link

Well now it is everywhere in news.Some points to ponder

1. After every blast accused is caught media jumps to ask people not to bran them as Muslim terrorists now where are they?

2. Sociological factors mean that people from western MP/Gujarat can nver indulge in violence. They never rose against Britishers or Muslims like other parts of India. Tribal or framers of this area never lead any violent agitation like other parts of India and even upper caste atrocities are more subtle here and not like UP/Bihar or AP/TN

3. Sadhvi and her followers must have been foolish to not destroy chassis number of the vehicle or use their own vehicle for blast !!!

4. Sadhvi says the she sold the vehicle four years back

5. Politicians of Indore are spineless.They will not stay behind while en cashing Hindu votes but this time when ATS operates without taking local police in loop not a single murmur.

Well even if it is true in a sense it is because disillusionment of Hindus with system and government.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ratlam among most polluted places in world

An election issue in Madhya Pradesh ??


Just came across this item. It mentions two sites in MP one obviously bhopal and other this groundwater problem in ratlam.

This issue seems to be out of radar for local media.
Oldness of issue can be gauged from fact that Dr Pandey(MP) of Mandsaor was raising this issue as back as 1991. ( He was not MP from Ratlam town which was part of Jhabua - so interests of ratlam town were ignored. A mockery of democracy)

Another link relates how the case proceeded and how insensitivity of local administration was at the root of problem.



Now a word about industries.

Sajjan chemical is running and just shut ratlam plant. were they asked for compensation ? NO info. Corrupt officials at MP PCB should be made to drink water which is colored and polluted.

The other firm i.e. Jayant Vitamins is mentioned as a "fraud firm" here and if I am not wrong this was the firm which made famous temple at Ratlam.(JAVIAL)


Apparently they did some corporate fraud also apart from polluting local places

MP pollution control board does give it a green certificate


The other two IPCA and alcohol plant are merrily running and it seems have either taken corrective measures or transferred all blame to already closed industries.

even this book by some PHd scholar confirms this


Monday, October 20, 2008

Right to Information & IMC

Indore Municipal corporation

Well it is laways difficult to ensure accountability in a representative democracy. With 50% seats reserved for women and 22.5 for SC/ST it becomes more difficult in local bodies and almost none of the current councilors will be there next time but I guess now Indore has a critical mass of colleges and their faculty and various retired government servants living in all parts of city and we can effectively use RTI to make thngs change.

Some pointers.

1. List of all safai workers in each ward and their past attendance record.
2. Name of the contractor, amount paid and frequency of repair for any particular road in last 10 years - All people can demand such information for their local area road and then pressurize the contractor.
3. New recruitment in IMC in last 10 years. A very convenient method in IMC is first to put people on temporary jobs or dialy wages.These are pure nomination and alter make these people permanent. No advertisement ,no exam and obviously politicians and labor leader benefit. I have not seen a single recruitment advertisement of IMC since long.
4.Our Mayor is too fond of going abroad.Details of expenditure on all such trips.
5.Revenue earned in property tax and other taxes from every ward and expenditure done on road or other amenities. My hunch feeling is that western part of city is being taken for a ride and almost all bond roads and other investments are going to so called "New Indore"
6.Schools under IMC administration, number of students, teachers and details about teachers at same place since more than 5 years. There are many schools in indore which have teacher student raito of 1:5 or even less. Reason being that all Indorains want to work in Indore also and most of children even poor ones go to private schools now. So it would be interesting to find where are all surplus teachers.

7. Most importantly lease agreements. A list of all properties given on lease by IMC, lessor,rent and duration. I guess this will open a big can of worms

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kings of fools :Bajrang dal in Indore

I saw this picture a few days back in naidunia and today it appeared in Outlook online addition. Some points :

1. Do these media house dare to publish similar photos of terrorist with a background of Koran and two swords or Kaba? then why Hindu symbols?
Because they can't even go near Muslim demonstrations leave alone taking a photograph.

2. First of all the local journalist who did this mischief should be thrashed.

Secondly you can see in picture what kind of "strongmen" they are. This is the problem of Bajrang Dal.They want to protect Hindus with these weaklings.
This photo gives them bad publicity as well exposes their weak strength.
How could local leaders (????) allow such photo to be taken.

A wise man said it is better to have clever enemy than foolish friends.
Hindu society has self proclaimed friends in "Bajrang Dal"

sigh sigh sigh

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hunger capital of India : madhya pradesh

I put a post on Khalwa also earlier.
It is strange that neither Naidunia nor Dainik Bhaskar have put any insightful rpeorts on issue. They just visited places and reported. There is something beyond these - analysis and investigative journalism but either they are not capable or they have been paid adequately.

A third more important reason could be no one gives a damn to poor tribal children.
CM was crisscrossing state but steered clear of the area. Health or women development minister also did not bother to go there. Only Vijayvargiya went and that too because he is district in charge of Khandwa.

Opposition, intellectuals or tribal leaders are mum.
No one is trying to find out that how vegetarian diet devoid of fish and meat ( MP is not on sea shore) harms poor disproportionately.
How MP never excels in sports
What is nutrition status in various tribal schools in districts.
How are STs from MP doing on national level exams and recruitment.
Why there is no prominent person from ST is arts, education, industry and other fields.

RSS will do better to look into these things than just holding Hindu sammelans once a few year

" Madhya Pradesh becomes republic of hunger
Rubina Khan Shapoo
Thursday, October 16, 2008, (Khandwa)
On world food day, worry high food and fuel prices will lead to nearly one billion malnourished people across the world.

And in India, one of the main problems is the sheer number of underweight children. It is the highest in the world though India has the largest child development programme.

The Madhya Pradesh government claims it has managed to drastically cut down malnutrition rates in the state through its Bal Sanjivani campaign, but over the last four months, 361 severely malnourished children have reportedly died.

In fact, pressure on Anganwadi workers have been so much that they have stopped registering malnourished children and many have even perished without a trace.

Rajaram has spent two weeks at the government-run nutritional rehabilitation center in Khandwa, but bafflingly, he doesn't exist in the local Anganwadi records in his village.

The much hyped Bal Sanjivani campaign was launched to identify malnourished children and monitor their growth. Instead, Anganwadi workers stopped registering severely malnourished children to meet targets.

At Karwani village, where seven malnutrition deaths have been reported recently, the daily attendance register at the Anganwadi shows 100 per cent attendance of children below five, including two and a half year old Ramraj, who died of severe malnutrition on July 30. In fact, he ate a hot meal at the Anganwadi for a week even after his death.

There is no record of two-year-old Aarti, who also died of malnutrition.
So it isn't hard to understand how the Bal Sanjivani programme has come up with glowing results, even though the situation is so grim on the ground.
In its report published in May 2008, severe malnutrition in the state has come down sharply from 5.5 per cent to 0.56 per cent, a drastic contrast to the 2007 National Family Health Survey, which reported more than double (12.6 per cent) are severely malnourished in Madhya Pradesh, the highest in the country.

"Malnutrition was not the reason. They died because of viral fever," said Kailash Vijayvargiye, spokesperson, Madhya Pradesh.

In its bid to spruce up its image quickly, the MP government's plan misfired. Setting targets to improve the health status of children below five has only resulted in more pressure on Anganwadi workers who have chosen to deny those who need them the most."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What is wrong with Indore

Every few months one or other magazine/think tank comes up with a survey of best cities to live in and work in India and Indore always scores poor on almost all counts


So Indore is not a city preferred by millionairs.It is bhopal or Pune or Mumbai (For local rich)

Obviously not best place to invest. No connectivity. No industry and so called Detroit of India i.e. pithampur sharing fate of actual Detroit.

Government has not been able to attract IT industry despite cheap manpower and good climate solely due to its misplaced priority and incompetent officers.

Worse the industries which are operating are so inefficient that instead of having a centralized AC they do something like this

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Indore Jail

All is not well.
While reading different view points it reminded me of "Shantaram" and "Shwasank redemption".
Strange part is Jail officials were put into ICU after having minor injuries while heavily injured with fractured bones prisoners were in jail hospital and were shifted to MY after 26 hours and died as soon as they got there.

There is this nexus of CO - convict officers and perverse incentive system for jail officials to extract moeny from convicts.

As this is election time and prisoners do not vote no one gives a hoot about the incident. For Human rights vallas also this is not a top issue.

One improvement I guess could be interchange of officials from Jail to outside. Those who spend long time in Jails get no chance to make money like their outside counterparts and become frustrated. Moreover this will give some respite to field police workers also when they work in .

Another thing which strikes me as to why there are no CCTVs in our Jails and why not SP monitors Jail why CCTs installed at crucial places like say mess, cell of hardened criminals, public places as these are the places where most of the fights happen.

Dogs in congress and their masters

So now as madhya pradesh assembly election are approaching desperate measures adopted by parties are becoming public.
This particular news item I found interesting

One wonder that name of Subhash Yadav is missing.
अगर आगामी चुनावों में आपको कांग्रेस का टिकट चाहिए तो अपने नाम के आगे अपने गॉडफादर का नाम जोड़ लीजिए।
मध्य प्रदेश कांग्रेस चुनाव समिति ने उम्मीदवारों की जो सूची पार्टी को भेजी है, उसमें उम्मीदवारों के नाम के आगे यह भी लिखा है कि वे किसके वफादार हैं। इसके लिए इस्तेमाल किए गए हैं लॉयल्टी कोड।
एनडीटीवी इंडिया संवाददाता विक्रांत सिंह के हाथ कुछ ऐसे दस्तावेज लगे हैं, जिनसे खुलासा होता है कि मध्य प्रदेश कांग्रेस में हर नेता के अपने-अपने वफादार लोग हैं... यहां पर चलता है वफादारी का कोड। हर उम्मीदवार के नाम के आगे उसके नेता का कोड लिखा होता है।
कांग्रेस नेता दिग्विजय सिंह के लिए कोड है - DS
अर्जुन सिंह के बेटे अजय सिंह के लिए कोड है - AS
कमलनाथ का कोड है - KN
ज्योदिरादित्य सिंधिया के लिए कोड है - JS
सत्यव्रत चतुर्वेदी के लिए -SC
और नए प्रदेश अध्यक्ष सुरेश पचौरी का भी कोड बन गया है - SP
लेकिन सबसे बड़ी बात यह है कि किसी उम्मीदवार ने खुद को सोनिया या राहुल का वफादार नहीं बताया है।

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anoyone writing like this on Madhya Pradesh Election

This is article by our professor Vaidynathan where he argues that bribes given by private candidates to public should be allowed rather than looting of public resources in name of government freebies.
Right now this is what has been going on in Madhya Pradesh but we lack intellectuals of this stature to analyze these issues and come up with bold solutions. Dr Jayantilal Bhandari? Are you reading this!!

Public bribery more dangerous than private corruption
R Vaidyanathan
Tuesday, October 07, 2008 03:29 IST

The system accepts and encourages bribe to be given from the public exchequer but not from private initiatives and wealth

Elections are nearing and election times are bribing times. Central and state governments brazenly bribe the population with promises and budgetary allocations that are totally against any cannons of governance.

Newspaper reports suggest that the officials of the Election Commission have seized saris and utensils meant for distribution to voters by some of the candidates in the last election in Karnataka. That is considered a corrupt practice to get votes. But if the same candidate or his political party promises to provide every individual with free saris or TVs or power, it is considered an electoral manifesto. In other words, the system accepts and encourages bribe to be given from the public exchequer but not from private initiatives and wealth. Also, future bribes given from state exchequer are preferable to the present corrupt practices by private individuals — according to the code.

When so many freebies can be promised and offered from the public treasury by political parties, why not encourage provisions of free gifts by candidates. May be it can be done in a transparent way, if that is the issue. A register or log book can be maintained about the donations/gifts of an individual candidate. And any how, the voting process is secret. It is not same as bribing some MLAs or MPs to support or oppose a motion of confidence in the Assembly or Parliament. Why deny the poorer segments their due during this “festival” called elections.

Tamil Nadu is known for this brazenness [of using public treasury] much more than other states since there is a competitive populism of unimaginable dimensions practiced in that state. Recently one minister in Tamil Nadu [Public Works] suggested that the state government would provide cooked food at the door steps of every household so that women need not be “suffering” in the kitchen. Already the state government has started rice for one rupee a kilo and spices for fifty rupees as a sop to the public through the public distribution system. Of course, the state government offers free color TV to poorer people.

The state governments and ministers periodically claim that at least one-fourth to one-third of the ration cards are spurious and the population claiming to be below BPL is inflated significantly.

In such a situation, the free TV or free rice schemes is going to erode the state’s fiscal stability and also make families subservient to the state. The concept of taking responsibility, searching for jobs and earning ones keep are getting damaged by the short sighted and pernicious policies of the political class. Not only that - the liquor trade at retail level is operated by the state government and the revenue from that sustains these profligacy. In other words a drunken populace in stupor is expected to support politicians based on future bribes. Other states and central government are following the same path.

The state being corrupt and extortionist - the benefits do not reach the intended groups. It is a mechanism to swindle significant portions of public money in to the private coffers of the supporters of the ruling political establishment. Here we need to understand an important paradigm in our polity. This bonanza is not offered to sustain any failed institutions or market failure. It is simply dacoity of public resources to private pockets and it is supported by the polity in the name of social justice.

Recently the Central Cabinet increased the income ceiling for the OBC reservations [defining creamy layer] from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh. This is not based on any scientific study or analysis but due to pressure from coalition politics. If the Central government has genuinely felt that those above income level of Rs 4.5 lakh are only belonging to creamy layer in this country then they should have the courage of conviction to increase the income tax ceiling to Rs 4.5 lakh. But that they will not do.

Also we find that the Central government has allotted Rs 625 crore for modernising madrassas out of which Rs 325 crore is already released. It is to cover 4500 to 6000 madrassas. Again it is 100% a central scheme when states should be actively involved in this since Wakf boards are managed by state governments and they would know more about the requirements for modernisations of these institutions. The government is silent on the total number of such institutions and the proportion going to benefit.

In the coming months we are going to witness substantial number of announcements and schemes both by ruling establishments and also by the manifestos of political parties which in essence is bribing the voters.

There are many issues of morality, governance, frugal use of funds, accountability and not the least public trust are involved. Unfortunately we have not cultivated a sustained process to fundamentally question the brazenness of our politicians knowing well that what in normal circumstances are categorised as thievery and thuggery of public treasury is accepted as ‘ social justice’ if done by our Netas.

We talk of moral hazard in the context of bail out of US institutions by their congress. But we did not question when the state owned public sector bank namely Indian Bank was bailed out after its chairman and others were arraigned for reckless lending and significantly enhanced NPAs due to crony capitalism.

The hands of our political leaders in public till are too deep to think of moral hazard. We have only hazards. It is required for India to limit the areas of public bribery which is much more dangerous and pernicious than private corruption. Private corruption damages individuals and harms segments of society but public bribery de-stabilizes the entire society and civilisation.

It is told that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We can add that imminent loss of power corrupts infinitely.

The author is professor of finance, Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore, and can be reached at vaidya@iimb.ernet.in. Views are personal.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Indore Police

After doing much malignment of polcie on this blog there is one good initiative of police viz their website.
It works.
It lists stolen vehicles, unclaimed vehicles.
Gives information about your passport status and also has a FAQ section where someone responds to queries also but in most of cases he direct to your nearest police station :)

I wonder why can't he transfer complain to police station and ask them to call the complainant on his contact number.
Police is there to serve people right?

It also has a daily situation report which lists complaints filed daily in all police stations but there one lacunae still. All these things are in word or pdf format so no tracking of criminals or person across the record is possible except manually

Here is the link

Navigation is also smooth comapred to other government websites but sadly it runs only in IE and not in firefox

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Madhu Verma does it again

All the papers today had a news about a spat between Madhu Verma and CMD of MP highway authority Md Suleman ( he is ex collector of Indore).
Choice of today to publish this news is curious as from reports itself matter appears to be months old. Today and yesterday also had full page advertisement by Umashashi Sharma to parade achievements of IMC under HER. Clearly an effort to show off before BJP panel which is in city for selecting BJP candidates.

How can one allow a mayor to waste people's money for her personal ambitions???

Well come back to Madhu Verma story. It is an open secret that ignoring existing alignemnts and industrial area IDA in connivance with a certain politican from Indore is wasting money on developing a certain Indore Ujjain super corridor ( similar along dewas or dhar would have been more useful)with a simple view to grab lands nearby and in process make crores.

But obviously when there is an existing highway and it is going for a PPP how can this out of blue scheme can be allowed. now some facts

1. I am not sure if it is mandate of IDA to make intercity highways. Anyways Mr Verma has wasted enough money on making cement roads in city which is not job of IDA
2.How can IDA a body controlled by politicians and lacking any technical manpower design and plan a super corridor without consulting state administration?
3.Argument that it would be a traffic jam on Indore ujjain junction that is why this fly over is being built is spurious at best as in that case fly over should cut transverse to road but it is parallel.

clearly there are big bucks in flyover and a very good PR opportunity while at the same time public of Indore watches in silence wastage of its money and mainstream media house of Indore which are both active in real estate paly along.

diamond & computer

Intersting one non descript computer peripheral company has been chosen by Rio Tinto ( Minig Giant) as partner to work on Chatarpur diamond mines



other partners are all big shot and related to industry


then there is htis gurgaon based firm

I guess chatrapur firm is front for taking bribe by some higher ups

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Choral & Indore Police

Though Milli gazette is rabidly communal paper but this piece got my attention as it was blocked by main media

MG reporter released by Madhya Pradesh police

The Milli Gazette

New Delhi, 8 April 2008: The Milli Gazette reporter Nadim Ahmad was finally set free today, 8 April 2008, at 2.30 PM at Indore after remaining in police custody for over 42 hours.

Mr Ahmad was taken into custody in the evening of 6 April while visiting an area in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district where, according to police claims, SIMI had run a training camp on the bank of Choral river.

Mr Ahmad was not allowed to visit the area again at the time of his release today. Instead he was escorted to Indore city by a plainclothes police officer who put him on a Bhopal-bound bus. Mr Ahmad’s request to be allowed to take a train to Delhi was also declined by the police.

Ahmad is expected to arrive in Delhi tomorrow by train from Bhopal where during a stopover he will meet mediapersons.

The Milli Gazette editor Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan has thanked the media and civil society in India and abroad for their strong support which finally led the Madhya Pradesh police see reason and release the Delhi-based journalist.

India: Madhya Pradesh police arrests MG journalist

The Milli Gazette

New Delhi, 7 April 2008: Late last evening the police in the BJP-ruled state of Madhya Pradesh arrested a Delhi-based journalist who had gone there to report on recent arrests in the state.

The journalist is Mr Nadim Ahmad, a staffer of The Milli Gazette fortnightly English-language newspaper published from Delhi since 2000.

Ahmad was arrested by the police early 6 April evening in village Aroda/Choral under Balwada Police Station, Distt Khargone, Indore Range. Contact with Ahmad was possible until late in the evening on his mobile phone (# 09911334768). However, since this morning he is not picking up his phone while Police Inspector Sunil Visthre (mobile # 09926670086), who took Ahmad in custody, is not responding to calls on his mobile.

Nadim AhmadEnquiries with highest police officials in Indore have failed to help trace the whereabout of the arrested journalist. The Milli Gazette editor, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, has written in this matter to Mr Shivraj Patil, the Union Home Minister, MP Governor Mr Balram Jhakar, MP Chief Minister Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan, MP home minister Mr. Himmat Kothari, as well as to top police officials in MP state.

If the journalist remains untraceable, Dr Khan plans to file a habeas corpus suit in the Supreme Court of India tomorrow, 8 April.


Issued by The Milli Gazette
D-84 Abul Fazal Enclave-I
Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 110 025
Tel. (011) 26942883, 26947483, 26952825
Email: edit@milligazette.com
Website: www.milligazette.com

Following is the text of the letter sent by Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Editor, The Milli Gazette, on 7 April 2008 via fax, email and courier to a number of central and MP state authorities:

“This is to inform you that we are a registered English-language fortnightly newspaper published regularly since January 2000 (registered RNI number DELENG/2000/930). A few days back we sent Mr Nadim Ahmad, one of our full-time staff reporters, to Sarangpur, Madhya Pradesh, to report on communal violence there. At about same time news of arrests of alleged SIMI members also came from an adjacent area in the state, so I instructed him to go to Indore as well to report on the situation there and to visit some places from where arrests were made. Mr Ahmad reached Indore yesterday, 6 April 2008, and after making enquiries about the location of the concerned areas, went to village Aroda/Choral under Balwada Police Station, Distt Khargone, Indore Range (Thana phone No. 07280-261237) whose in-charge is Town Inspector Mr Sunil Visthre (mobile no. 09926670086). Inspector Visthre spoke to me last night at around 8-9 pm using Mr Ahmad’s mobile no. 09911334768 asking why he was in the area. It was explained to him that Mr Ahmad was a full-time staff reporter of this paper and he was there at my instructions to report on the recent arrests. Inspector Visthre told me that there was nothing to worry about and Mr Ahmad is helping enquiries and he is not under arrest.

My last contact with Ahmad was at 11.06 pm yesterday (6 April 08) on his mobile phone in which he said he is alright and was answering questions by the police; Inspector Visthre also spoke to me over the same phone at that time and told me that there is nothing to worry about as they were only trying to establish the reason why Mr Nadim was in the area.. Mr Nadim Ahmad’s last call was at 1.28 am on 7-4-08 which I could not receive as I had gone to bed by that time. In the morning I tried to contact Mr Ahmad using his mobile number but there was no response. Thereafter, I phoned Balwada Thana at the above phone number and was informed that Inspector Visthre has taken Mr Ahmad to Indore in the morning at 6 AM. Efforts to contact Mr Ahmad since then have failed; Inspector Visthre too is not taking up calls to his mobile. After this, I phoned Indore Superintendent of Police Mr Anshuman Yadav on his mobile no. 09425115144 at 11.30 am (7 April 08). He told me that he had no information about this matter.

As of now, my apprehension is that Mr Nadim Ahmad has been arrested and kept under custody at an unknown place for no reason whatsoever as he was only discharging his duties as a journalist to investigate matters of common and media interest. I fear that under the current charged atmosphere in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Mr Ahmad may have been falsely implicated in some matter and illegally deprived of his liberty. I request you to immediately intervene in this matter and ensure the freedom of press guaranteed by our Constitution and laws.”