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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Waste Managment and Khalwa

Waste management PPP of Indore municipality is getting interesting day by day.and my hunch is it final decision will be taken only after assembly election when relative power positions are clear but internal fighting of BJP and indecisive mayor is costing Indore a lot. first of all companies are pissed of with repeated tendering. One mumbai firm was reportedly denied project solely because its CEO was a christian. This is perverted logic and must be coming from people like "dharm rakshak sabha". Do these fools know that verghese kurien was a beef eating christian who brought milk revolution in Gujarat.
Then there is this angle of sanitary workers. No one knows for sure how many of them are on roll , how many of them are actually working. No one has tried to use an RTI for same and obviously these overly paid and never working people will get their job axed so we are entering into a ham handed PPP where main expertise of private sector i.e. collection of garbage is once again being left to public sector. So be ready to see Indore exchequer getting bled.

On other side congress announced its candidates. In Indore 1 as suspected someone from Shukla family was bound to get ticket as after recent violence congress will not risk a Muslim candidate in form of Sarvar Khan. So Sanjay Shukla gets the ticket. I guess he is youngest among all candidates.I remember during my class 8 and 5 exams board papers leaked and sold in market used to have his name. So at least students will vote for him :)

Congress really has no hope in number 2 and number 4 (unless there is a rebel candidate). In number 4 congress has both the candidates in panel Sindhi so it would be interesting to watch what BJP does.

New construction being announced by IMC and IDA daily are not worth mentioning. I guess it is more than what they did in last 3-4 years and it will be useful media exercise to track all these announcements down after election.

& last word on Khalwa. Recently newspapers were full of news from Khalwa. I daily read both major local newspaper i.e. naidunia and Bhaskar but my first source of information about Khalwa was lecture given by Ms Shanta Sinha ( Magsasay award winner) who mentioned it while discussing how vibrant media is and oddly enough this was front page news in Kanpur edition of Dainik jagaran. It is a pity that despite being main urban center of most peaceful tribal belt of India ( almost all loksabha seats surrounding Indore are ST reserved) there is no mention of STs in public discourse in Indore city nor there is any towering ST personality not even a politician who holds public imagination.

Now as far as backwardness of Khalwa is concerned one can employ several parameters. In Khandwa district this is the only block which has tribal majority (68%), this is the only block which has least entries on wikimapia (people are not affluent enough or educated enough to mark big boxes around their home on this online map sites), Google search throws no NGO working over there and in my extend family of marwadi banias i have heard name of places like pansemal, bheekangaon, tillore etc where one or toehr from our clan is present as moneylender but never heard of Khalwa. Now if a Marwadi does not go to a place then it must be really deprived of any opportunity.

While mentioning media of Indore there seems to be a curious understanding between two major media houses that no one will report anything about other. So today's business standard has a big article finding loopholes in Dainik Bhaskar's IPO as to there is a big tussle with the IPR over name itself but local media takes self censorship too much seriously and Junta of Indore remains oblivious of larger things.

e.g. Karnataka government today came up with an IT policy for rural areas and in MP even crystal IT park in Indore lies unoccupied or for that matter in schools near Indore there is huge corruption in midday meal scheme while these things are being audited by reputed consulting firms in south.

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