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Monday, September 29, 2008

Temple stampede

Are we ready?

After recent stampede in Mehrangarh

and Naina Devi (http://www.bbc.co.uk/hindi/regionalnews/story/2008/08/080803_naina_devi.shtml)

It becomes imperative to see whether we are ready to handle such situation in Indore.
First of all problem all over India is that temples are in hand of Pandits or Government - either party is interested in making money only and whatever they spend on temple goes in tiling the floor or walls, decorating statue and garbh grah and at max making rooms for lodging.

But widening the path or access point to temple or improving crowd management is never an option.Partly because there is this aura of god being difficult to get if one has to go through narrow paths and alleys.

Police forces are never trained to do this kind of job and mostly security is left on scouts/guides and bloated policemen who would be first to eun if stampede happens.

There is no control on how many voice amplification systems would be put and blaring bhajna make it difficult to transmit any instructions

Recently it has become a kind of craze in Indore to organize yatras or joolos on every other festival and temple like bijasan, khajrana & devguradia all have narrow passage to final temple and are ripe for this kind of disasters.

Are our dharmgurus training their devotees in keeping patience while going for darshan??

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