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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Electricity in Shiv "raj"

Villagers risking lives for water & power
Women of Magaria village have to walk one km to get water from the awfully constructed well and they have to sink down 40 feet inside the well by helping each other hand-in-hand to finally get drinking water.

'They' claim to provide electricity, water, education, literacy, but neglectful about which are the places that immensely need the above mentioned facilities. The suburbs of most developed cities of Bhopal and Indore in Madhya Pradesh are still dying, yes, dying due to the obstinate inconsistency.

Dheeraj, Ramkanya, Mahesh are the names of those few people of Dewas district who have paid the penalty of their lives for electricity and water. The residents of Magaria village have to dismount a 40 feet deep well to get water which is nowhere less than the death dismounting from horse to depart them from their life. These villagers are not even favoured with the most basic facility of electricity due to which they have to walk more than a km directly connecting the cables so as to get temporary current from the electric poles that is generally considered to be illegal; on the top it is a life-taking risk which has been already suffered by 2 men of the village.

This doesn't end here. 80 kms away from the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, the villagers have relocated from plains to the nearby mountains to get rid from the flood. They have been served as victims to flood a number of times due to Lodri river nearby compelling them to change their homes 18 years ago, still no attention has been paid yet towards any of the scarcity. The population of this village is around 400 Dalit people who come under gram Panchayat Khaunpur Pipaliya but the Panchayat is inactive to cooperate or come forward to solve the discrepancies, said Nandram, 50, a villager. He complained, "The Government has just provided wooden boards to us to construct houses but other resources are still under promises for 18 years. Even the administrators of Electricity Board have turned off their faces saying that the village was formed by your own wish and we can't help you with electricity". Nandram further informed that due to the negligence by the authorities, the Panchayat also doesn't come forward for any kind of development.

Above all, the scenario is drastically implacable to see that the women of this village have to walk one km distance to get water from the awfully constructed well and they have to sink down 40 feet inside the well by helping each other hand in hand to finally get drinking water. The pitiful condition simply invites death to these vulnerable women, one wrong step will end the life just like Ramkanya, the lady who died rather sacrificed her life to quench the thirst of her family members. There are several incidents like this occurring frequently. Similar danger persists with electricity too, "Because the village in situated in between the forest and mountains, risk of wild animals and snakes increases at night time, therefore, we have to directly connect the wires to electric poles which are one and a half kilometres away and again disconnect it in the morning, we are left with no other option than this", Resham bai explains.

The authority has not taken any measures for water and electricity supply in spite of writing numerous applications of request and complains about the scarcity. Siddhulal, 65, grumbles of the discrimination that they face by the Gram Panchayat, they don't treat the people fairly because they do not possess lots of land. He informed that gramsabha meetings are irregular with unnoticeable development and the attention is predominantly given to the villages of Panchayat Mukhyalaya and to those who are not Dalits. In regards with the complaints made by Leelabai in the Panchayat for installing electrical poles and construct wells, Kailashchandra, the secretary of Gram Panchayat answered, "The memo has been dispatched to the Janpad Panchayat and the Electricity Board will immediately come into action as the funds will get sanctioned by the Government". The villagers said arduously that it's the matter of Rs 2-3 lakh which is not a huge amount to sanction for the Government but no one is willing to take any measure to solve their problems and they are tired of the false promises made by the Government.

Ultimately the women stood up in unity and went together to the CEO of Janpad Panchayat in the Block head office where 35 women under the leadership of Leelabai had submitted the memorandum. They were bold enough to approach the Collector on not receiving any feedback from the Janpad and asked for the required help from the Collector but again came back empty handed with insincere assurance. It has been informed that the Collector comforted them by promising that the problem shall be solved within a month and it has already been six months that the promise is still to be implemented. This raises a question in not only the mind of the sufferers but also other citizens as to what extent a citizen can raise his voice before our no-guarantee-Government and until when he has to beg for what he deserves.

Overall the pitiful conditions end up to the heights of irresponsibility, carelessness towards developmental work and the so-called strategies of the authority. It is believed that the basic facility of electricity and water must be provided preferably which is sadly seen stumbling here in Magariya. Whereas according to the calculations of Madhya Pradesh Government, more than 51800 villages have been facilitated with electricity and water supply but the state of Magariya village uncovers the miserable truth of discrepancy. The question arises that despite the power and supremacy given to the Panchayat Raj which comprises of villagers themselves, what prohibits them to implement the most fundamental developments? It has been stated that the villages can overcome with the very basic resources like water, electricity and concrete roads by getting all means of help from the Rashtriya Gramin Rozgar Yojna and other plans but only because of the unconcerned slow pace in the administration the developmental works never come into existence, thus, it reveals a really gloomy picture of the State Government.

The situation of Magariya village now plonks up like a challenge in front of the self-boasting-administration which can easily overcome the ground level problems by sincerely giving a thought for it and spending adequate amount of fund for the progress. They actually need to cover up their own loopholes first and start working for the people without delay as prime motive; else the villagers have no other option than slipping into the 40 feet deep well and then risking their lives with electrical extension cables. Now, it's the Government to decide as to what kind of development do they prefer, hollow or death-les

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