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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dewas plant of ranbaxy blacklisted by FDA

Well mostly it is an issue between USA FDA and Rabaxy but it is notable that FDA report says that Dewas and Ponta Sahib plant of Ranbaxy don't have required cleanliness and process adherence.

I remember a talk given by former MP DGP and SP of Bhopal at the time of Bhopal gas tragedy Mr Swaraj Puri at IIT at sometime in 2003-04.
It was a talk in self aggrandizement and putting blame on GOI , on Union carbide but not on MP government. At the end when i asked him about role of MP pollution control board which was supposed to oversee everything and what they are doing he refused to comment saying it is sub judice!!!

I developed my doubts about man from that point onwards and later when he was caught trying to get his son admitted to GSITS via a forgery my hunch proved correct.

My whole point is that first of all we do not have industry in MP and secondly our officials are wither incompetent or negligent or corrupt to enforce proper quality checks.
contrast this with Maharashtra where even Subhiksha was forced to close stores after complaints of dirtiness were made by some people.

so we had bhopal gas tragedy.

we have a polluted khan river in indore when there are no big industries ( ironic is not it!!)

and now this ranbaxy's dewas plant.

and Nero is busy getting minor girls of state married while his cronies are doing land deals.


  1. dear mr "concerned about the world...!!!"
    The bhopal gas tragedy is a point debatable as i am notcpmpletly aware of it.But instead of blaming a person who was just a S.P i.e. at very low level in the admin ... try and asking the same question to all the ministers and the admin officers who approved of this pant and the discrepancy in the compensations given to the ones affected. Why dont you consider the point of how mr.Puri was top most official at ground zero when all others were absconding.
    I am not just saying it .... i am a victim of the bhopal gas!
    but as far as the admission of his son is concerned.... the admission was under "NRI-Sponsered" quota and not NRI quota....which does not require a blood relation!!!
    the matter has been already resolved by the honorable High court...
    try and look into the people who loged the case ... their reputation and background.... and more importantly their change in fortunes after the case was put up by them!
    and the plea put foth to the honourable supreme court had been rejected too.
    SO i must say that you need to follow up on the news and have your facts clear.
    this is not a reply to agonize u but to let u know that dont go reading headlines like everyone and have skewed judgements about people and issues you dont know entierly.
    I feel sorry that you can just go about defaming prople....!

  2. dear mr anonymous
    thanks for visitng my blog.
    first of all post was about lax pollution laws and its implementation in MP
    Mr puri was just a footnote as he was in Bhopal tragedy.
    Secondly one should have that lecture of him where he was showing himself not as footnote but a single soldier standing and fighting. He kept on showing clips of subsequent leakages from dump and effect of rainwater and how police will valiantly go to stop the tide from spreading but all queries on why no preventive measures were not taken went unanswered.

    Well as far as I remember allegation was that for NRI sponsership the sponser was showed blood realtion which he was not. so it was a case of willful lying (which was not required as per your admission).

    I don't get agonised by mails by anonymous people but still perplexed as how someone in service can go on showing a video purportedly showing his competence and incompetence of others to the whole world

  3. lets take this one at a time...
    1. if you have gone thru the gas tragedy carefully .... all the safety measures that were to in place to prevent disaster in case of the gas leak were purpously shut down or ignored by the company officials, these were cost cutting measures taken by the company which was not informed to either the admin or otherwise.... due to 3 years of drought that the state was facing and no one was buying their so called poisionous "food for the plant ".
    the preventive measures ... or so called preventive measures taken by the Union carbide were only on paper and not really functional ....!!!
    the police was informed of this leak when the damage from the gas already begun....!!!they were not informed of the measures that were to be taken e.g. spraying water in the affected area etc.

    none of the slums in the vicinity were informed about the "things to do " in case such a thing happened which they should have.
    even when victims were pouring into hamidia hospital , the only information that the company officials gave the doctors there was ... that it is nothing major and that the affected should be given milk n bananas ... n refused to tell the doctors what the contents of the gas really were n how to treat a person affected by the same.
    Dow chemicals which owns union carbide has officially accepted it's fault aswell...!!!

    He can only speak of what he did or maybe could not...!

    2. the point about mentioning that mr. puri's son was a blood relative is also wrong... no such mention was made in the admission forms .....
    if u please u can get the entire ruling from the honourable High court in Indore.

  4. Dear Mr anonymous

    At no point I said that union carbide is balmeless.
    Whole point of this post , if you would have bothered to go through it was lax implementation of pollution control law. As you mentioned safety was not being maintained at UC plant for three yrs and it escaped attention of pollution control board officials!!

    I have no quarrel with what Mr Puri did during disaster but I guess that is part of his job.Many SPs handle situations similar to this but no one has a website dedicated to what he did during his police career at different postings.Even Kiran Bedi is not that sort of publicity monger.

    If you would have read my post carefully I mentione that Mr Puri showwed various clips of the site after incident , latest being as old as 2-3 yrs i.e somewhere around 2001 , when due to leakege of dump or some incident police will rush to the place to stop further damage and obviously this was also a feather in his cap as he showed in his lecture. When I asked okay Sir, what happened in 1984 happened after that what you did to get rid of that waste stuff or did any heads roll down in MP pollution control board or other industry department apart from frenzied fire fighting shown by him he said no comments.

    As far as admission saga of his son is concerned here are the links which mention charges brought against him



    anyway i have no intent of maligning anyone through this blog but just to mention where I think system is failing people like in Dewas plant case also where system allowed private player to do what they wanted.