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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TINA factor in Indore and Madhya Pradesh

Today congress in Indore held its so called "sadbhavna" sammelan, a poor effort to get political mileage out of recent riots. Even then I expected at least there would be discussion on what are the political or social or economic factors resulting in recurring violence in Indore.
But alas election time is near. So this is time to make their loyalties loud and clear to different satraps of congress in Madhya Pradesh.

Very first name is of KamalNath. A marwadi from Calcutta , got into politics because he was classmate of Rajiv Gandhi at doon. Chooses a typical tribal seat where winning would be easy as most tribal voters still think that Indira Gandhi is alive or Rahul Gandhi is grandson of Gandhi baba.
Height of opportunitism was recent delimitation exercise a clever tweaking of boundaries and harda and harsud are moved to baitul constituency to make ST percentage 37 there which is only 34 in chindwara (though 6out of 8 assembly seats are ST reserved). Similarly Jhabua and dhar seats are tweaked to change ranking in terms of ST percentage population to ensure chindwara remains general.

Now Mr Nath is union minister since last 4 years and is darling of international and national media but this was his first visit to indore in recent years ... commercial capital of state from where he is Loksabha member. He has no fancy degree like Mr P Chidamabram and can not spell audience like Arun Shourie but still youth congress leaders in all parts of state and particularly Indore wax their allegiance to him

Next is Mr Jyotiraditya Scindhia. He is a gentle and sober man. In all the visits to Indore he has done nothing to sully his reputation. But his local cheerleader , a loud man called Tulasi Silawat is nt an inspiring personality.

Then comes Mr suresh pachauri , once again a decent man but with no public base and depends on largess from 10 Janpath.

Jamuna devi is typical tribal leader. A showpiece for the caste leaders of party and devoid of much intelligence .

Subahas Yadav is a politician of co-operative hue and succeeded in getting ticket for his son in recent elections but he also seems ot have no vision or program me.

Coming to this so called "sadbhavna" panchayat , it was all pandemonium , slogan shouting by supporters of different leaders, fight to get on stage , dhakka mukki and even cloths were torn.

I wonder about the Muslim riot victim families how would they have felt.

Even after having Mr KamalNath as commerce minister of India industries are closing down at laarming rate in Pithampur. All ney investment in auto sector are happening in Pune or Chennai region. State government is also no good. It has not been able to induce any fundamental change in economy so has been doling out soaps heavily.

and now BJP has also caught this bug of "gutbaji". Sparring between warring faction in Indore IMC means that it has nto been able to work at speed it should have but this also means that possible corruption in some projects has been delayed ot reduce to infighting.

I had earlier expressed doubt about BRTS and now with Pratibha and Neeraj construction both pulling out IMC has no way to finish project in time.

Very first bond road in Indore was made by L&T , but prevalent corruption in Indore has meant that after that neither L&T nor nay other big Indian firm has come to Indore.
As a result all projects are being executed by local or fly by night companies from Mumbai whi have poor execution ability and try to recover money used in greasing hands of local politicians and bureaucrats from project resulting in further deterioration of quality.

Both major media house of city i.e. naidunia and Bhaskar have huge business interest and sledom do investigative journalism.

There is no intellectual group or NGO fighting corruption on local level as all eminent people have some dirt linens of their own.

and still peopel say there is no place like Indore....

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